A Good Morning Prayer To Awaken The Dawn of A New Day

The best way to start the day is by praying as soon as we wake up in the morning! A good morning prayer helps to remind us of the real reason we are alive, as well as connect us with the living God who sustains us. In the Gospels, it is recorded that Jesus was very serious about praying early in the morning and that he woke up before dawn and went alone to pray in the quietness of the morning.

On this page you will find several inspirational Christian prayers to say in the early hours of the morning, including a good morning prayer, stunning devotions, and a short morning prayer message to pass along to a friend who might be needing inspiration in the morning. As well as an early morning prayer to the Almighty, a prayer to say for your family, and a simple prayer that you can say before starting your day at work, you can also say a prayer to God.

Prayers in The Early Morning

You are the glory of the morning, You are the source of refreshment and peace in the world. When dawn breaks, you are the sounds that come from the break of dawn. You are the rose that smells so sweet when it blooms. You are God, my creator, and you are the source of all wonders in life. There is a great deal of wisdom in your words, and as I read them, I fill up my soul with them. A wonderful sunrise is what you are, and a ray of hope shines through you. I believe that you are the air we breath right now, the warm winter coat that you provide us with. Your love for me is limitless, you are my creator, you are the Lord of all creation. I am a friend of yours because you are all grace and forgiveness, and I stand loved and free because of you.

Morning Prayer

Our God of the light bright morning,

Come shine through me I pray.

O Lord of the pastel painted skies,

Speak afresh to my soul today.

O King of the sweetest birdsong,

Sing in my heart anew.

O Master of the wild wind blowing,

Refresh my mind in your truth.

O Saviour of the fresh fragrant air,

Cover me with your grace.

O Father of this wonderous world,

Today I seek your face.

A Morning Prayer of Thanks and Gratitude

Thank You Lord.

I dwell upon the goodness in my life,

Thank you.

I cherish in my heart your gift to me,

Thank you.

I notice the blessings of life, breath, sharing and loving,

I am so grateful.

Thank You Lord.

Morning Prayer for My Family

In my secret thoughts, I know how deeply you love my family, and that you cherish my family even more than I love them, and that you also love them even more than I love them. Today, I would like to pray that we may all be aware of how your Holy Spirit dwells amongst us as we go about our days. I pray that you, Lord, bring your peace to those who are concerned or worried. Bring hope to a place that is drained, dejected or confused by the lack of hope for the future. If there is hurt or pain, bring your healing where it is needed. This family declares that you are Lord over it, and as such, I welcome your peace, hope, and healing to be offered here today. Amen.

Devotional Prayer for the Morning

As I begin this new day, I dwell with you, my heavenly Father, at the start of this new day. Let your love chase away the pieces of my night time dreams and help me to focus on what lies ahead of me today so that I may focus on the tasks that need to be accomplished. There is much comfort in the promise that you know me, that you are offering your grace to me. Taking the time to look at me is something which you take great delight in. I focus on the crown of sonship that you have given me in the hope of inheriting a royal inheritance as I wash and dress myself. As I prepare breakfast each morning, I am reminded that you have laid a table of goodness and hope in front of me. The day ahead brings me great concerns, great anxieties, and great hopes, so I want to share them with you, dear Father. It is always a pleasure to listen to you. Thank you so much. I am grateful that your Holy Spirit is always with me during every hour, every minute, and every second of my life. Father, it is such a pleasure to dwell with you. Amen.

A Prayer to Awaken the Dawn of A New Day

In the early hours of the morning, sometimes I rise before dawn, I awake in the darkness of the night, but I know that the light will soon emerge. In times of trouble, I wait on you Lord, just like on those dark mornings when the darkness feels like it can swallow the whole world, when I have nothing to hold on to but faith in the dawn to break, when light, life, and love will shine bright all around me. As I go through these times, I pray that you will help me to remember that morning has broken through the darkness, and to trust you with my anxieties, fears, and griefs. I will wait for dawn to come closer to me as I draw closer to you. Amen.

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