Significance of Christmas Wreath

The significance of Christmas wreath offers more than just magnificence to the season by adding beauty and color. Christmas wreaths have an innately Christian spiritual connotation of perpetual life, but they are also other meanings and symbols from ancient Rome and Greece. One of the many customs observed throughout the holiday season is the hanging … Read more

Origin of Christmas Wreath

While berries, flowers, and lush greenery certainly have a certain aesthetic appeal and are often used throughout the holidays, they also have a rich history of significance and yet most people are not unaware of it. What is the origin of Christmas wreath? Wreaths are decorative arrangement that can be found in houses all year … Read more

What Was Christmas Originally Like?

The Christmas holiday is both a religious and cultural tradition celebrated worldwide on December 25. Around the world, people have been observing it with both religious and secular traditions for two millennia. It is the anniversary of Jesus of Nazareth’s birth on Christmas Day that Christians celebrate. His teachings are the foundation of their religion. … Read more

What is the role of the Bible in Catholicism?

Catholics believe that the Bible reveals to us God’s word and God’s nature as revealed in the Bible. As Catholics believe, reading the Bible allows us to gain a better understanding of God, which in turn allows us to better serve him. The Bible is often read during liturgical worship services, such as Mass, as … Read more

How Many Unitarian Universalists Are There? A Guide Into The UUA

Unitarian Universalism is a liberal religion that values freedom, reason, and tolerance. It is a non-creedal religion, which means that there are no strict beliefs or dogmas that members must adhere to. Instead, Unitarian Universalists are encouraged to develop their own beliefs and values, while respecting the beliefs of others. The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) … Read more

Christian Mothers Day Wishes 30 Examples

Mothers Day is a special day to celebrate the women who have brought us into this world. For Christians, it is also an opportunity to reflect on the ultimate mother figure, Mary. As you think about how to wish your own mother a happy Mothers Day, consider using one of these 30 Christian Mothers Day … Read more