8 Reasons Why Some Christians Are Against Vaccines

Vaccines are an essential tool in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and protecting public health. However, some Christians have expressed concerns about vaccines, leading to vaccine hesitancy and a reluctance to get vaccinated. These concerns range from religious objections to aborted fetal cells, skepticism about vaccine effectiveness, and a lack of trust in institutions … Read more

Is Manifesting Against Christianity?

Some Christians have panicked over the new manifesting movement, a dangerous demonic twist on biblical principles. Yet, in the end, the movement is no more dangerous than reading Scripture first thing in the morning. Let’s consider some of the issues that have arisen in manifesting. For many Christians, the concept of manifesting raises questions about … Read more

How Should A Christian Dress

A recent YouTube video caught my attention. In it, a woman professed to be a Christian while boldly embracing her unique style. The ensuing debate on the concept of modesty and empowerment in Christianity versus modern culture was riveting. This article uncovers the history of Christian clothing, how the Bible affects what Christians wear, what … Read more

When Should A Christian Walk Away From A Friendship?

Have you ever found yourself in the heart-wrenching position of contemplating whether to end a friendship that once meant the world to you? The decision to walk away from someone you’ve shared countless memories with can be one of life’s most agonizing choices. We understand the complexities of this situation, the inner turmoil it can … Read more