Should A Christian Date A Non Christian

What about dating non-Christians? It’s not advised for Christians to date non-Christians. Since Christians are not supposed to marry non-believers, they should even start thinking about dating them. This is corroborated by 2 Corinthians 6:14, which states, “Do not be joined in marriage to unbelievers. What is the relationship between righteousness and wickedness? How do … Read more

Should A Christian Be Cremated?

Although theologians concur that cremation is permissible for the majority of Christians, some churches and denominations continue to maintain a rigid resistance to the procedure. As far as the practice of cremation is concerned, there are no basic objections found in the Scriptures. It will not matter whether a person’s body has been buried or cremated when he or she is raised from the dead. The Lord knows how to raise a body, whether it’s through the resurrection … Read more

How Much Alcohol Can A Christian Drink

With so many Christians avoiding alcoholic beverages altogether, it’s understandable that those who do choose to drink would take a more conservative approach to their consumption. There are many reasons why some people abstain from alcohol altogether, and it can be difficult for non-abstainers to understand the motivations behind someone else’s decision. However, we believe … Read more

Is It A Sin To Divorce

Divorce Is Not A Sin According To The Bible Divorce was common during biblical times, but God allowed divorce because of man’s sinfulness. Divorce is a legal process, not a spiritual one. It’s not sinful to end your marriage in a court of law; it’s blasphemous to commit adultery, abuse your spouse, or leave them … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Aliens

The Bible Tells What Will Happen When Jesus Returns (second Coming). You may read in the Bible that Jesus declares he will return to Earth. Christians hold that we shall be taken to Heaven when Jesus comes back, where we will spend eternity in our new bodies. These bodies will resemble Jesus’ body upon his … Read more