Palm Sunday Activities for Sunday School You Should Take Advantage Of

Palm Sunday is an important Christian holiday that commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, as described in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. On this day, Jesus rode into the city on a donkey while crowds of people waved palm branches and shouted “Hosanna!” This event marks the beginning of Holy Week, which … Read more

How to Grow A Small Struggling Church

Every church has a unique mission and purpose, and growing a small struggling church can be an especially challenging journey. It can feel like an uphill battle to stand up to the challenges and difficulties of running a church in a crowded, competitive market. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This article is … Read more

How Many Christian Denominations Are There?

When you drive around your city or town, have you ever stopped to consider how many different types of Christianity you can find? Christianity is the world’s largest religion, with an estimated 2.3 billion followers globally as of 2015. There are many different denominations or sects within Christianity, and each sect has its own beliefs … Read more

Historic Churches in The World

The biggest church in the world is St. Peter’s Basilica, which is located at Rome, Italy. It was originally designed by Donato Bramante and Michelangelo, but it was modified many times through history. The current design of the basilica was made by Gian Lorenzo Bernini between 1656 and 1667. The Basilica is the most important … Read more

What Does Church Membership Entail?

Introduction As a Member of The Church, What Are Your Contributions? Members of the church are accountable for receiving the ordinances and blessings of the gospel, repenting of their sins, and following Jesus Christ. Each member should be baptized by immersion in water and confirmed as a member of Christ’s Church by one having the … Read more

7 Sacraments of The Catholic Church (Rites)

Do you remember a time when you were invited to your priest’s home during the holiday season and everyone was enjoying the meal at the dining table when suddenly one of the priest’s children asked you a question that you had no idea what it was, “What are the seven rites of the Catholic church?” … Read more