Should You Leave A Church with a Woman Pastor?

Should I Leave A Church with a Woman Pastor? For centuries, the question of women’s place within the church has inflamed passions, tested convictions, and tragically, even divided families and friends. While the early church recognized the leadership of women like Junia, and trailblazers like Aimee Semple McPherson broke boundaries in the 20th century, the issue … Read more

10 Signs of An Arrogant Pastor

Signs of An Arrogant Pastor: Pastors are supposed to point us to God, right? So we need them to truly live like Jesus – all that kindness and never acting like they’re better than us. But, honestly, sometimes power gets to their heads.  That’s why we gotta keep our eyes open for pride, so our church stays about … Read more

How Many Churches Have Joined the Global Methodist Church?

The landscape of Methodism is undergoing a significant transformation, marked by the emergence of the Global Methodist Church (GMC) as a distinct denomination. Since its inception in 2022, the GMC has experienced remarkable growth, attracting numerous churches and clergy members. This article explores the factors driving the GMC’s popularity and delves into the details of … Read more

Which Country Has The Most Churches?

Have you ever wondered which countries around the world hold the greatest concentration of churches? While determining the absolute global leader in church count is difficult, we can examine the countries where churches are a particularly prominent part of the landscape. To do this, we’ll focus on church density – the number of churches in … Read more

Top 15 Countries With The Highest Number of Churches

Churches are more than places of worship; they’re vital for spiritual guidance, community support, and social services. They foster a sense of belonging and shared values. Beyond religious roles, churches play crucial parts in education, healthcare, and charity, contributing to society’s well-being. Church growth signifies the evolving nature of religious expression and believers’ changing needs. … Read more

Can a Catholic Go to A Baptist Church?

Can a Catholic Go to A Baptist Church: Yes, a Catholic can go to a Baptist church. There is no rule in the Catholic Church that prohibits Catholics from attending other Christian churches. In fact, the Catholic Church encourages its members to learn about other Christian denominations and to participate in interfaith dialogue. There are … Read more