Fourth Sunday of Advent Prayer

This Fourth Sunday of Advent, let us pause to pray for the world. Let us remember all those who are hurting and longing for a better future. Let us also remember those who are working to bring about change and make the world a better place. In these days of darkness and uncertainty, let us turn to God in prayerful hope for a better tomorrow. Amen.

Fourth Sunday of Advent Prayer

The Meaning of the Four Sundays Before Christmas

What is the fourth Sunday of Advent?

The fourth Sunday of Advent is a day set aside to pray for Christian unity. It is also a day to reflect on the meaning of Christ’s coming.

What to do on the Fourth Sunday of Advent

Fourth Sunday of Advent Prayer

This fourth Sunday of Advent offers an opportunity to reflect on how the gospel brings hope and peace into our lives. As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, let us recommit ourselves to follow Jesus Christ in faith and love. Here are some ideas for celebrating this special day:

Prayer: Spend time in prayerful reflection on what the coming of Christmas means for you.

: Spend time in prayerful reflection on what the coming of Christmas means for you. Service : Share your love for Christ during a service or fellowship activity.

: Share your love for Christ during a service or fellowship activity. Worship: Join together in song and praise during worship services throughout the day.

The meaning of the four Sundays before Christmas

Fourth Sunday of Advent Prayer

The fourth Sunday in Advent is a day of reflection and prayer. We can ask God to show us what he wants us to do during this time, and to help us find joy in the Christmas season.

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Some religious traditions teach that on this Sunday we should give up something that we enjoy (like chocolate) in order to prepare our hearts for Christmas. Others think that it’s best not to make any big decisions during this week, since we’ll be so busy with celebrations at Christmas.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that Jesus is coming soon! He’s already close by, waiting for us. So let’s spend each day celebrating his love for us, and hoping that someday we’ll be able to share that love with everyone else too.

What are the four Sundays preceding Christmas?

Fourth Sunday of Advent Prayer

On the fourth Sunday before Christmas, let us focus on the coming of Christ. We may begin by reading the story of Jesus’ birth in Luke 2:1-20. As we read, may our hearts be filled with joy and anticipation for His coming. Then, we can reflect on what this means for us as individuals and as a community. Finally, let us pray for strength in facing the challenges and uncertainties of this holiday season.

Why Do We Pray on The Fourth Sunday of Advent?

Praying on the fourth Sunday of Advent is a time-honored tradition that has origins in the Church’s liturgical calendar. The fourth Sunday of Advent traditionally falls on or near December 14th, which is the day before Christmas.

The purpose of praying on the fourth Sunday of Advent is to prepare our hearts and minds for Christmas. We pray that we will have a joyful Christmas season and that we will be able to remember Christ’s sacrifice for us throughout the year.

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10 Prayer Points on Fourth Sunday of Advent

1. Ask God to open your heart to His love and to forgive you for any past mistakes.

2. Pray for strength to live a life in accordance with His will, and for guidance in making decisions.

3. Thank God for all the blessings He has given you throughout the year, and ask Him to continue to bless you in the New Year.

4. Express your hope for the future and ask God to help you fulfill your destiny in Him.

5. Make a list of goals you want to achieve during the coming year, and pray that He will help you achieve them.

6. Request divine assistance as you begin new projects or undertake new challenges, and thank Him when things go smoothly.

7. Let go of anything that is no longer serving your needs or is causing you pain-both physical and emotional-and allow God to fill those spaces with His peace and love.

8 .Ask Him to guide your actions both this week and throughout the coming year, so that You may be glorified in all that You do.”

“This Fourth Sunday of Advent offers us an opportunity for prayerful reflection on our journey into Christ’s kingdom – a journey we began on Christmas Day but will take many steps forward on during this coming year.”

“First and foremost, let us ask Christ Himself – our King who has come down from heaven -to grant us His grace, mercy, love, forgiveness,


Dear God, Thank you for bringing us through this journey called Advent. In these short weeks we have been focusing on preparing our hearts and minds for Christmas. We have looked at what Jesus is coming to do on earth and in our hearts. Now it’s time to focus on what he will give us–peace, joy, hope, love, eternal life. Help us to remember that Christ came into the world not to be served but to serve—to give his life as a ransom for many. Amen.

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