How Much Alcohol Can A Christian Drink

With so many Christians avoiding alcoholic beverages altogether, it’s understandable that those who do choose to drink would take a more conservative approach to their consumption. There are many reasons why some people abstain from alcohol altogether, and it can be difficult for non-abstainers to understand the motivations behind someone else’s decision. However, we believe that non-abstainers can still love and accept those who abstain from drinking, just as they can love and accept those who make other choices that don’t necessarily align with their own. In fact, although the Bible doesn’t provide much guidance on how much alcohol Christians should or shouldn’t consume, there are some clues in Scripture about what our overall attitude toward alcohol should be. Let’s take a closer look at various viewpoints on how much alcohol a Christian can drink, then take a look at what Elsewhere has to say about this question.

The Bible Does Not Tell You How Much Alcohol You Can Drink

The Bible does not tell you how much alcohol you can drink. The reason is that the Bible simply doesn’t have any restrictions on alcohol consumption. In fact, there are a few examples of wine being used in the Bible, like when Jesus turned water into wine (John 2:1-11) or when Noah planted vines after the flood.

Paul did say that we shouldn’t be “drunkards” (Ephesians 5:18), but he never said how much alcohol was too much for Christians to consume. Paul also said, “Do not get drunk on wine” (Ephesians 5:18). This could mean that drinking too much wine is considered a sin, but it doesn’t specify a limit on how much is too much, so we don’t know if 1 glass of wine every day is okay or not according to God’s Word.

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Alcohol Makes You Less Discerning

One of the many ways alcohol affects your mind is by impairing your ability to think clearly and make good decisions. This occurs because alcohol impairs both self-control and discernment, two important tasks we all need to function normally in life.

We use our sense of discernment when we consider whether or not something is good or evil, right or wrong. If you can’t tell if something is right or wrong (or if you don’t care), then it’s not likely that you will follow through on what God tells us to do in His Word—because He says if we want to please Him, then we need to obey Him!

Because alcohol impairs one’s ability to exercise self-control, it can lead people down paths they otherwise would not have chosen—and these paths may include sinful actions such as stealing money from others! It may seem like a funny joke now, but later on, when do those bills come due? Not so funny anymore!

Alcohol Causes Lust

Alcohol is not the problem. Lust is what’s wrong here, and alcohol can lead to lust. Alcohol hinders your ability to make good decisions, and if you drink too much, you might end up making some bad ones. Drinking may be a sin if it leads to an unrepentant life of sin.

Alcohol Should Not Be a Crutch

Alcohol is not a problem in itself. It becomes a problem when we use it to cope with our problems, become addicted to it, and escape from reality. Alcohol is not the cause of your problems; it’s just an easy way out when you don’t know how else to deal with them. So if you find yourself reaching for alcohol more than once on a daily basis and/or drinking every day, then you need help!

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God doesn’t want us to use alcohol as a crutch.

God doesn’t want us to use alcohol as a crutch. It’s tempting for Christians to see alcohol as an acceptable way to relax and de-stress, but God doesn’t want you to use it in that way. The Bible doesn’t tell us how much alcohol is okay for Christians to drink, so it’s up to each individual person to decide how much they are comfortable with. Drinking too much can make you less discerning of what you’re doing or saying, which means that it could lead you into temptation or sin when you’re under the influence of alcohol.


The Bible doesn’t prohibit the use of alcohol, but what it does do is warn us about the dangers of over-drinking. God’s word contains many passages that speak to this problem and provide guidelines for those who choose to drink responsibly. While we may not always agree with each other on every issue related to drinking or abstaining from alcohol altogether, there are some things we can all agree on: It’s never good when someone drinks too much! In general, moderation should be practiced in most areas of life, including how much we eat, sleep and exercise as well.

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