How Should A Christian Relationship Progress

Relationships are difficult. They take a lot of work and can be incredibly stressful. What’s more, they can feel like a never-ending exercise in personal growth. A relationship is not just about the two individuals involved, but about the relationship itself—how to nurture it and guide it to become stronger over time. For those who have a strong faith, this process can feel especially important when considering how religion plays into every aspect of life. In fact, for many, having a healthy and successful romantic relationship goes hand-in-hand with practicing their religion daily and following its teachings as closely as possible.

Start by Attending Church Services and Social Events with The Hope of Meet Someone.

Attending church services and social gatherings with the hopes of meeting someone is the first step in a Christian relationship. This can be done as an individual or with a group of friends, but it is critical not to go because you are looking for someone to date. Instead, go because you love God and want to worship him more fully.

After a Few Encounters, if You Feel Like You Have a Chance, Ask Her/him out For Coffee or Lunch.

Understand that it’s not necessary to go crazy with pricey dates the first time you meet someone, especially if you’ve been out of a relationship for more than 6 months! Choose a location that isn’t too far away (like within walking distance) but also not too fancy – unless she/he has previously invited herself over for supper (in which case nothing could possibly be too fancy).

If things go well and you want to take it to the next level, i.e., exclusive dating, talk about it with your partner.

If you decide that you want to take your relationship to the next level, i.e., exclusive dating, then it is important to talk about this with your partner. This conversation should include what each of you wants out of the relationship if there are any expectations or limitations that need to be addressed, and what both people expect from each other.

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You Can Also Start by Connecting with Someone Through an Online Dating App.

You can also start by connecting with someone through an online dating app. There are several Christian-focused apps, including JDate and Christian Mingle, which have been around for years. These sites allow you to connect with other people who share your beliefs and values. The user base is smaller than on non-Christian apps, but the quality of matches may be higher because these users are more selective about who they want to interact with. Some Christians may feel more comfortable meeting people through their church or a local group rather than online; however, if you’re looking for a long-term relationship or marriage partner and don’t know many other singles in your area (or aren’t interested in dating nonbelievers), this might be an option worth considering!

How Should A Christian Relationship Progress

How Should A Christian Relationship Progress

If you are dating a non-Christian, there is a strong probability that your relationship will not only fail but it may leave you hurt and confused. However, if you are dating someone who shares your faith in God (whether they have been saved or not) then the chances of success are greatly increased.

In order to make sure that both partners are on the same page spiritually, we suggest meeting with one another once or twice per week for approximately 30 minutes at a time. At these meetings, talk about how God is working in each other’s lives and what He has taught each of you about Himself through His Word and through everyday life experiences. Also talk about what each of you would like to see change in yourself spiritually as well as how together y’all can work on making those changes happen!

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Asking questions such as “How do I pray for my spouse?” or “How can I encourage my spouse?” should be considered essential when asking questions during these weekly discussions so that both parties feel loved unconditionally by God first before anything else!


Now that you know the Christian way to date, you’re ready to take on the world! Dating can be hard, but if it’s in Jesus’ plan for you, we hope that this article has made it a little easier. Remember: God wants what’s best for you and your partner. He wants everything to work out in your favor. So, if your relationship is heading towards marriage and God is okay with it, go for it! Take the leap of faith and be courageous! With God by your side and His plans set before you, there is no reason to fear love or anything else.

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