Indiana Pastor Encourages Pastors Nationwide to Take a Stand Against ‘Wokeism’

In an inspiring call to action, an esteemed pastor from Indiana is urging ministers across the United States to sign a pledge in order to combat the rising influence of ‘wokeism.’

Pastor Lucas Miles, a visionary leader from Nfluence Church in Granger, Indiana, and the acclaimed author of “Woke Jesus: The False Messiah Destroying Christianity,” shared his profound mission with Fox News Digital. Humble as ever, Pastor Miles expressed his desire to craft the definitive guide to comprehending ‘wokeism’ and its detrimental impact on the church, while offering practical solutions to address this pressing issue.

While there have been considerable efforts to expose the reach of ‘wokeism’ in the realms of government and education, Pastor Miles astutely noted that its impact on the church remains less understood by many.

Drawing attention to a disconcerting trend among the Christian left, Pastor Miles emphasized the influx of financial resources and external influence infiltrating our theological training centers throughout America.

“Our revered Christian universities are increasingly subjected to external pressures, leading them astray from the solid foundations of orthodox Christian teachings,” asserted Pastor Miles, unyielding in his stance.

He perceives the church as a sacred vessel, a modern-day embodiment of Noah’s Ark, offering refuge and security to every generation. Despite the tempestuous storms of life, the church remains a haven where we find shelter and protection.

Pastor Miles ardently advocates for the church to assume its vital role as a stabilizing force in society, adeptly navigating the ever-evolving landscape and upheavals that surround us.

Clarifying his position, Pastor Miles emphasized that he does not hastily dismiss technological advancements as inherently malevolent. Instead, he encourages individuals to reflect on the responsible use of technology, questioning both its potential benefits and pitfalls.

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“Let us explore the virtuous and detrimental aspects of technology, discerning how we can utilize it for good,” Pastor Miles wisely proposed.

During his enlightening conversation with Fox News Digital, Pastor Miles eloquently distinguished between the objectives of Christianity and progressivism.

“Progressives champion progress for progress’ sake, relentlessly advancing regardless of the consequences,” he elucidated. “However, they lack a clear destination.”

“In contrast, Christianity propels us toward progress, but progress in a purposeful direction,” Pastor Miles added. “The Bible instructs us to strive for conformity to the image of Christ, making our journey a transformative pursuit towards our ultimate destination.”

Beyond his pastoral responsibilities, Pastor Miles is also the esteemed host of the Church and State streaming video podcast, recognized with the coveted 2023 Program of the Year award at the esteemed National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) conference.

With his unwavering dedication and insightful teachings, Pastor Lucas Miles continues to inspire pastors and congregations alike, motivating them to confront ‘wokeism’ and guide the church toward a future grounded in biblical truth and unwavering faith.

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