Megan Danielle: Christian Singer-Songwriter Soars to 2nd Place on American Idol

Christian singer-songwriter Megan Danielle secured the remarkable achievement of coming in second place during the 21st season of the illustrious American Idol. The ultimate victor of this season was Iam Tongi, hailing from the beautiful state of Hawaii.

Expressing her gratitude and excitement, Danielle took to Instagram and exclaimed, “What a wild and unforgettable ride! I can’t wait to witness the extraordinary plans that God has in store for me.”

Originating from Georgia, Danielle had an awe-inspiring moment during her “Idol” audition when acclaimed Christian singer Lauren Daigle surprised her. Danielle was in the midst of performing Daigle’s renowned song, “You Say.” In a revealing introduction video, Danielle disclosed that her late grandfather had encouraged her to transition into Christian music after her stint of performing in bars with her band. Even in the face of this setback, Danielle remains devoted to her music and recently treated her fans to the release of her new single, “Dream Girl.”

Eighteen-year-old Tongi, who will be graduating from high school next month, emerged as the undisputed winner on Sunday night after delivering a heartfelt rendition of James Blunt’s “Monsters.” This emotional tribute was dedicated to his late father, Rodney Tongi, who sadly passed away in December 2021. Tongi was accompanied by Blunt himself, resulting in an unforgettable performance. Remarkably, both fathers of these talented individuals battled kidney failure.

Tongi’s triumph on “American Idol” not only secured him a coveted recording contract but also a substantial cash prize of $250,000. Throughout his journey on the show, Tongi consistently embraced and shared his LDS faith on various social media platforms. He often drew inspiration from quotes by LDS leaders and captivated his followers with soul-stirring renditions of church hymns. One notable performance featured a duet of “Amazing Grace,” filmed in front of the majestic LDS temple in Oakland, California.

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According to, Tongi dedicated numerous performances on “American Idol” to his beloved late father, who had inspired him to audition for the singing competition. Despite an initially unsuccessful attempt, Tongi’s father urged him to persevere and continue honing his musical talents.

Megan Danielle: Christian Singer-Songwriter Soars to 2nd Place

Tongi emotionally revealed, “During my performances, I can hear my father singing. I can sense his harmonious presence. Through my music, his spirit will forever remain intertwined with mine.”

This exceptional teenager also expressed the heartwarming sentiment that his story of love and loss resonated deeply with fans who reached out to him. The knowledge that his music provides solace and support to others fills him with a profound sense of fulfillment. Tongi eloquently shared, “By sharing my journey, I not only help others, but my father continues to touch their lives as well. It’s a testament to the enduring bond I share with him. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is watching over all of us.”

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