Prayer For Divine Mercy

Prayer For Divine Mercy


Divine Mercy, I trust in you;

Divine Mercy, I believe in you;

Divine Mercy, I hope in you;

Divine Mercy, I love you.

Heavenly Father,

  • Father,
  • I come to you in prayer this day with a humble heart, knowing that my life is in your hands and that you give me the strength and grace to carry it out. You see all of my trials and tribulations, both those that seem great and those that seem small. I ask for your mercy on behalf of all my brothers and sisters who are suffering at this time, praying for their healing and comfort. Fill us with your love so that we may be able to extend Your love to others in need.*
  • For all these things we thank You Lord; through Jesus Christ our Savior we pray!

You sent Your Son

You sent your Son to Earth, who is the only begotten Son of God, born of a virgin, Jesus Christ. He lived a sinless life and died on the cross for our sins. We acknowledge him as the only savior of mankind. We pray that You will grant us mercy through Him, in Your name we pray, Amen.”

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Christians believe that Jesus was born to a virgin named Mary and raised by his stepfather Joseph in Nazareth. Jesus lived as an ordinary man, but he also performed many miracles, including healing people from sickness and raising the dead. Jesus taught that people should love God above all else, and that those who believe in him will be saved from eternal damnation when they die. He performed many other miracles before his crucifixion: walking on water, driving out demons from possessed people, turning water into wine during a wedding feast at Cana (modern-day Kafr Kanna) with his disciples John and Peter present (John 2:1–11), curing lepers (Luke 5-7; Mark 1:40–45), calming violent storms at sea with just his words (Matthew 8:23–27).

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After being betrayed by Judas Iscariot and arrested by Roman soldiers led by Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem during Passover week around 31 A.D., Jesus was put on trial before Caiaphas the High Priest where it was decided unanimously among them all that he should die because they considered him guilty of blasphemy against God due to claiming divinity while still alive.”

To be the Savior of the world,

As you recite this prayer, remember: Jesus is the Son of God. He came to the world to save us, and his sacrifice on our behalf is so great that he died for our sins and was resurrected to save us. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords who reigns eternally with all power in heaven and on earth!

And you are rich in mercy.

And you are rich in mercy.

Mercy is a word that has been used throughout history to describe God’s love and compassion for us. It also refers to the forgiveness of sins and the grace we receive from God to live our lives as His children.*

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Mercy is beyond measure or comprehension. When we consider the magnitude of God’s mercy, it should cause us to be filled with awe and wonder at His goodness toward us—not only individually but also collectively as a people; even those who don’t know him! The love that our heavenly Father has for each one of us is simply beyond what we can imagine. And yet He freely offers this unending gift…to all!

Through him, please give us hope.

“Through him, please give us hope.”

Hope is a powerful and wonderful thing. It can bring you strength in times of hardship and comfort you when things are going well. Hope helps us to be better people, because it gives us a reason to try harder at our goals or attempt new challenges or adventures. When we don’t have hope, we tend to lose sight of what’s good in life and focus too much on the negatives around us—which is why prayer for divine mercy is such an important one for all of humanity!

Let the weakness of our mortal nature not hinder us from doing good.

“Let the weakness of our mortal nature not hinder us from doing good.”

The first step to receiving God’s mercy is to acknowledge our sins. The second is to forgive others, and the third is to ask for forgiveness from those whom we have offended. In this way, we are able to receive mercy from God.

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When asking for Divine Mercy, it is important that you pray with humility and sincerity. Remember that God wants you and loves you unconditionally; therefore, He will always help you if you call upon Him in faith and trust!

Your Mercy is Infinite and we ask you to look with compassion on all humanity.

Your Mercy is infinite, and we ask you to look with compassion on all humanity. May your mercy rest upon us now and forevermore. No statement about prayer for Divine Mercy is necessary; you know that it was an amazing prayer for me.

May your Mercy rest upon us, now and forevermore.

Divine Mercy is a prayer that is prayed in the Catholic Church. It is said to be the most common prayer for people who are in danger of dying, and it is also said when someone is in danger of committing a sin.

You can say this prayer yourself or you can ask someone else to say it for you when you are facing death or sinning.

No statement about prayer for Divine Mercy is necessary. Just know that it was an amazing prayer for me.

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The Divine Mercy is a beautiful and powerful prayer. This prayer is not only for you to recite but also for you to internalize and live. Let God’s mercy flow through your heart and into the hearts of others as you go about your day.

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