Should A Christian Listen To Secular Music

Non-religious music is referred to as secular music. Secular music comes in various styles, including rock, hip-hop, rap, pop, country, and jazz. The Bible doesn’t mention any particular genres of music.

In terms of the Bible, there is no biblical justification for the argument that a certain instrument is an abomination to God. Psalm 150 tells us to glorify the Lord with all our might. We should not declare that particular instruments are more sacred than others simply because we can use them in worship.

When presenting in public worship, it’s critical to play only the instruments you know how to play well. If you desire to learn to play an instrument, do it for yourself or use it in worship, not because someone else claims it will improve your music.

You should be aware that Christians debate whether or not secular music should be listened to. Some Christians believe that all music, even secular music, can be used for good or evil, but others believe that all non-Christian music is sinful and should be avoided at all costs.

What Do Christian Musicians Sing About When They Discuss Non-Christian Topics?

Christians must remember that musicians are persons, and the songs they sing are most likely a mirror of their own experiences. It’s also possible that a song was written with a specific message, but listeners perceive it differently. In these instances, Christian musicians may not give much care to how their music is perceived as long as it makes a healthy quantity of cash.

The Bible Doesn’t Specifically Address Contemporary Music, but It Provides Us with Some Principles.

The Bible contains numerous references to music. The only other subject that has received as much attention as this one is redemption itself! However, the Bible is oddly silent about secular music in particular. It doesn’t say whether Christians should listen to secular music; words like “rock” or “rap” aren’t even addressed (they are mentioned in other contexts).

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However, the Bible also provides us with these principles and prescriptions for excellent listening practices, so we are not without them. Let us look at some examples from both the Old and New Testaments.


Finally, the Bible does not offer us specific guidelines on what type of music we should listen to. It does, however, demonstrate that anything entering our brains and hearts can have a huge impact on our lives. While there are risks to listening to secular music, we must also be careful not to go too far and start criticizing others who do not share our beliefs. You can achieve this in this field if you follow your conscience and always put God first!

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