What Did Jesus Do When He Was A Kid

You may have heard that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. But what did he do as a kid?

  • He grew up in Nazareth.
  • He was a carpenter like his father, but he didn’t want to be one forever because he wanted to help people instead of making tables and chairs for them.
  • He was born in Bethlehem because that’s where his parents lived at the time (they moved from Nazareth).
  • His birthday isn’t on Christmas Day—it’s December 25th! That’s when most people celebrate it though, so that makes it easy to remember how old Jesus is this year: two thousand years old!!

We Dont Know Much About Jesus’ Childhood

The New Testament gives us very little information about the life of Jesus before he began his ministry. The Gospel of Matthew and Luke give some information about his birth, but most of what we know comes from other early Christian writings that aren’t included in the Bible.

The earliest medieval portrayal of Jesus’s childhood is found on a fourth-century fresco at Santa Maria Antiqua in Rome (see below). In this painting, Mary nurses her baby while Joseph looks on as an angel visits with them.

What Was Jesus Like As A Child?

The Gospels don’t mention any bad behavior or pranks he may have pulled. However, it’s possible that since he was God in human form (and therefore perfect) and his parents raised him well, there wouldn’t have been much for him to do wrong anyway! Jesus probably played with other kids and spent his spare time wandering around outside, just like every child of any age before adolescence sets in (around age 12).

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One thing we know for sure is that Jesus was different from other kids—and not just because of who he really was! For example: if you’ve ever had siblings then imagine one of those siblings being famous throughout history for doing good things all over the world! That would probably be pretty cool…but also pretty weird!

The Bible Doesn’t Give Many Details About the Early Life of Jesus.

As a child, Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the town of David during the time of King Herod. He was also the son of Joseph and Mary and had four siblings: two brothers named James and John who were known as Boanerges (meaning Sons of Thunder) by Jesus’ followers; two sisters named Mary and Martha who lived with him at his home in Nazareth after their mother died; and an unnamed brother who may have been older than James or John.

Jesus had several experiences as a child that are mentioned in the Bible: he was visited by three wise men on Christmas night when he was only a few months old, presented with gifts from them shortly thereafter (gold, frankincense, and myrrh), circumcised according to Jewish custom at age 8 days old on December 25th which is why it’s called “Christmas” because it’s Christ’s birthday holiday tradition celebrating His birth into our world…

Not Much Is Known About What Jesus Did During His Childhood.

There is not much known about what Jesus did as a child. This might be because he was so good that he didn’t need to do anything except sit in the temple and listen to the priests, who would occasionally ask him questions like “What is your favorite color?” or “Who do you think will win Best Picture?”, or even more obscure questions like “What do you think of this new guy on YouTube who does really funny impressions of people?”

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But we don’t know for sure because no one wrote anything down about it at the time (except maybe Matthew). We also don’t know what he thought about stuff back then, but we can presume that he loved his mom and dad very much, since Jesus was always talking about how much God loves us too!


That’s all we know about Jesus from birth to adulthood. But it’s enough to give us a good picture of his life and ministry, as well as the character of God Himself.

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