What Did Jesus Do When He Was Young

Jesus is only briefly referenced in the Bible from the age of twelve to thirty. As a result, there are several theories regarding what he was doing at the time.

We don’t know much about his childhood, but we may presume that he, like other boys his age, spent time in his father’s shop, building things out of wood, and getting dirty with sawdust.

Although we know little about Jesus’ childhood, we can assume that he used woodworking tools while working in his father’s construction shop. He, like the majority of kids his age, was probably soiled with sawdust. He might have played with other kids and helped with home chores like any other boy in comparable circumstances.

Jesus Grew in Intelligence.

Even if you decide to use these activities, it’s critical not to let them evolve into an unhealthy obsession with anything paranormal. However, when used appropriately, this method has significant advantages: Learning about guardian angels may be beneficial to your child as long as he or she understands that no one can predict death or disease and makes an effort not to let fear cloud his or her judgment about age or other positive changes in body chemistry.

Jesus Was a Carpenter.

As a result, Jesus worked as a carpenter. He knew how to do what adults did; he was a carpenter. He also continued to act like a child. He developed in stature and height, just like any other boy. He enjoyed children, and the children liked him for his gentle demeanor and interest in their games and stories.

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Jesus Grew in Favor with God and Man.

The passage also mentions Jesus’ growth in favor of God and man. That is an interesting piece of information because some people have difficulty liking Jesus. But when we read in Matthew 12:15 that people were amazed by him, then we know that Jesus did not have that problem with other people.

Jesus was a good person because he did all things well, which means he obeyed his parents and didn’t say mean something to them, he obeyed the law by keeping it holy on the Sabbath, and he even helped others

So, when Jesus Was Young, He Worked with His Father as A Carpenter.

As a young boy, Jesus worked with his father as a carpenter. When he was growing up, he grew taller along with older children; and both children and adults liked him very much.

When Jesus was young, many prophets believed in God, but not all of them understood what they believed about God or who God was. Some prophets were waiting for someone called “the Messiah” or “the Christ-one” to come into this world and free its people from their sins by sacrificing himself on their behalf so that they could be forgiven for their wrongdoing. It was also said that The Messiah would build houses for everyone who needed them (Matthew 7:24), cleanse lepers (Luke 17:12-19), heal those who were sick (Matthew 10:8), raise people from death (John 11:25), feed 5 thousand men plus women plus little children by multiplying bread which did not exist yet (John 6:1-13)

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of Jesus’ early life. It’s clear that his family and childhood helped shape the man he became and we’ve tried to give you an idea of what kind of environment it was. There is still so much more to learn about the time between Jesus’ birth and his baptism by John the Baptist, however, so don’t stop with just this article! We highly encourage you to keep exploring this topic on your own – there are many fascinating sources out there waiting for you to discover them.

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