What Did Jesus Say About Hell

Hell is a difficult subject. It should be. It’s the place where we all deserve to spend eternity because of our sins against God For those who do not know or accept Jesus as their savior and Lord, hell will be the eternal resting place for their souls. There are some who deny its existence or even try to define what hell is like according to their own desires. But if we want to know what God has said about hell, we must go to his Word.

The New Testament Is Clear that Jesus Spoke of Hell More than Anyone Else in Scripture.

In the New Testament, Jesus spoke more about hell than anyone else. He spoke of it in a way that was clear, unambiguous, specific and personal. He spoke of it in a way that was frightening and sobering. He also talked about it in a shocking and provocative way—just like he did when handling other controversial issues such as divorce or adultery.

In fact, Jesus said more about hell than any other topic including heaven (Matthew 5:30).

Jesus Said that Hell Is a Place of Eternal Separation from God

Jesus taught that hell is an eternal place of separation from God, and heaven is a place of eternal fellowship with God.

“Enter through the small gate; because wide is the entrance and broad is the path that goes to destruction, and many enter by it,” Jesus remarked in his Preaching on the Mount. “Because the gate to life is narrow and the path to life is tough, and few discover it” (Matthew 7:13–14). To put it another way, millions will enter hell, but only a few will ever be able to get out. This implies that if you fail to accomplish what is needed to enter into (and stay in) paradise, you will spend eternity away from God—in hell!

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The Primary Biblical Points Are Clear and Straightforward.

While much of our discussion about hell has revolved around the details, the primary biblical points are clear and straightforward. The Bible speaks more of suffering than any other book in the world. Hell is a place of eternal separation from God and from His love. It is also a person, a fallen angel named Satan, who will be cast into this place (Revelation 20:10).


If you’re still having doubts about the existence of Hell, check out our free eBook “Hell is for Real: What the Bible Says about Eternal Punishment.” It offers more detail on how we can discern the truth about Hell from Scripture. Keep in mind that if you die without trusting in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then you will go to Hell—and not just for a momentary punishment, but for eternity. This is not just a message about how to avoid going to Hell; it’s also an opportunity for you to learn more about what Jesus did on the cross so that we could be saved from eternal punishment.

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