What State in the US Has the Most Churches?

Growing up, Sundays meant church, then fried chicken. It’s those rituals, big and small, that churches gave so many American families. That religion shapes American values and traditions isn’t surprising since there are over 350,000 religious groups. This article will analyze the US state with the most churches per population and its cultural and religious significance. With over … Read more

Catholic Marriage and Annulment: 10 Important Considerations

Marriage is incredibly important within the Catholic faith – it’s not just a ceremony, but a spiritual commitment for life. But life is messy, and sometimes that lifelong commitment ends. For Catholics facing divorce, there are big spiritual questions: can I remarry, and will I still be welcomed at the heart of church life, communion? This is a complex … Read more

Bible Answers For Churches Endorsing Politics

Sometimes, the endorsements that matter most aren’t from celebrities…they’re in the pages of the Bible. The Bible offers examples of profound spiritual endorsements, where one leader publicly recognizes the divine calling upon another. These endorsements go far beyond titles or positions – they’re about passing on a sacred trust and carrying out God’s purposes. John … Read more