40 Bible Verses For New Christians About Faith

As you begin your walk with Christ, you may feel an eagerness to discover the beauty of being encompassed by God’s endless love. However, you might also experience a sense of being overwhelmed by the abundance of new information about God, or perhaps even a slight concern about potentially regressing. How can you ensure that … Read more

10 Characteristics of A Good Mother in The Bible

The Bible outlines the qualities of a good mother in Proverbs 31, highlighting traits that make a woman truly virtuous: faith, wisdom, selflessness, eternal perspective, strength, dignity, and praise, among others. As mothers, we often face the world’s standards of what it means to be a “good” woman, which often revolve around outward appearance, social … Read more

Can You Be a Christian and Not Go to Church?

As a Christian, you may have wrestled with the question of whether it’s possible to maintain a strong relationship with God without regularly attending church. After all, the Bible teaches that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, not by works or church attendance. While not attending church does not negate your … Read more

Christian Greetings and Salutations For Letters

As a fellow believer, I’ve always been fascinated by the rich heritage of greetings and salutations found in Christian letters and correspondence. These customary phrases, rooted in biblical language and themes, have a unique power to infuse our written words with deeper spiritual meaning and encouragement. Consider the Apostle Paul’s frequent use of the greeting … Read more

Religious Christianity and Spirituality: Can You Be Spiritual and Be a Christian?

Two categories of Christians I’ve observed recently are the faith-driven Christians and the spiritually aware Christians. These categories can be further expanded. For instance, you could be the religious type who adheres to every action based on some law or a judgmental approach to life in general, or you could be the spiritual type, simply … Read more

21 Christian Funeral Songs for Older Generation

Losing someone we love, especially those who’ve seen so much of life, leaves a gaping hole in our hearts. In those raw moments, music becomes a warm embrace. Christian funeral songs, with their gentle melodies and messages of faith, offer a tender kind of comfort. Imagine a familiar hymn, its soft piano chords washing over … Read more