Religious Christianity and Spirituality: Can You Be Spiritual and Be a Christian?

Two categories of Christians I’ve observed recently are the faith-driven Christians and the spiritually aware Christians. These categories can be further expanded. For instance, you could be the religious type who adheres to every action based on some law or a judgmental approach to life in general, or you could be the spiritual type, simply … Read more

21 Christian Funeral Songs for Older Generation

Losing someone we love, especially those who’ve seen so much of life, leaves a gaping hole in our hearts. In those raw moments, music becomes a warm embrace. Christian funeral songs, with their gentle melodies and messages of faith, offer a tender kind of comfort. Imagine a familiar hymn, its soft piano chords washing over … Read more

What’s The Difference Between God and Jesus?

The relationship between God and Jesus is a topic of ongoing debate and confusion. Many people struggle to understand whether God and Jesus are the same person or if they are distinct entities. This confusion stems from a lack of understanding of the biblical concept of the Trinity, which posits that there is only one … Read more

Church Payroll: Do Churches Pay Payroll Taxes?

There are an estimated 380,000 churches in the US plus over 80,000 religious charities and nonprofits. If you’re one of these organizations, then you have some unique considerations when it comes to payroll for church employees. While there are many similarities with payroll for for-profit organizations, your church or other religious entity may have to … Read more

10 Bible Verses About Working Hard and Not Being Lazy

Have you ever considered finding the right balance between working diligently, avoiding laziness, and addressing other work-related issues with your boss? It’s a tricky topic, but the Bible offers some valuable insights. Let’s explore what the Scriptures have to say about this. 12 Bible Verses About Working Hard The Bible emphasizes the importance of hard … Read more