Is It A Sin To Be Drinking

Drinking is not sinful in and of itself. Having a drink is not wrong. Alcohol comes from God as a blessing. When someone starts abusing it or when it takes possession of them, and they can no longer resist it, that is when it turns into sin. According to some, using alcohol is not wrong … Read more

Is It A Sin To Be A Gluttony

If an individual’s great appetite denies food to those in need, this is considered a sin in Christianity. Several Christian groups consider gluttony as one of the seven deadly sins. It is a sin to be a glutton and commit other sins, such as stealing from people who need food or money because you spent … Read more

Is It a Sin to Cremate a Body?

Is it a sin to cremate? We have heard of many cultures that cremate their dead. Cultures like Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Lutherans, Reformed Jews and so on. Cremation is not considered a wicked activity in the Bible. The extensive lists of directions for life and dying set forth by Almighty God in the Old and … Read more

Is It A Sin To Cuss?

Whatever you call the use of words when we are angry, sad, trying to be humorous, or just having a normal discussion, we will all defend the usage of them when it comes to swearing, cussing, speaking profanity, letting zingers fly, etc.  Yes it is sin to cuss! Matthew 12:36-37 says so. “I only say … Read more

Is It A Sin To Cause Someone To Sin?

There have been times when you have just couldn’t take your eyes off a sister or a brother and you are feeling like, “I must get that babe or that handsome dude, I need to get her or him”. During this time, you are married with two children of their age? Do you know that … Read more

What Does Sin Do To A Number

What Does Sin Do To A Number Sine is a trigonometric function. Sine is a trigonometric function. It’s also a periodic function, meaning that the sine of an angle can repeat itself over and over again. The easiest way to understand this concept is with an example: let’s say we want to calculate the sine … Read more

Is It A Sin To Be Smoking

Many Smokers, especially Young Christians, Ask Themselves This Same Question. Every day, more and more people are smoking cigarettes and tobacco products. Because of this, many families have been affected by cigarette smoke, which causes disease. You may also develop lung cancer if you continue to smoke for a long time or if you smoke … Read more

Is It A Sin To Be Proud

Find out Why You Feel Proud. If you’re proud, it’s important to know why. Sometimes pride is a good thing—it can help motivate you to work harder and improve yourself. However, if your pride has gotten out of control or is negatively affecting your relationships with others, it may be time for some self-reflection. There … Read more

Is It A Sin To Divorce

Divorce Is Not A Sin According To The Bible Divorce was common during biblical times, but God allowed divorce because of man’s sinfulness. Divorce is a legal process, not a spiritual one. It’s not sinful to end your marriage in a court of law; it’s blasphemous to commit adultery, abuse your spouse, or leave them … Read more

Is It A Sin To Get A Tattoo

There is no explicit prohibition about tattoos in the Bible. There is no explicit prohibition about tattoos in the Bible. The only time the topic comes up is in Leviticus 19:28, which says, “You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the LORD.” This commandment does … Read more