Eve and the Serpent: The Fall in the Bible

The story of the serpent and Eve in the Garden of Eden is a captivating one that raises intriguing questions. The serpent’s cunning nature and persuasive dialogue with Eve hint at a deeper understanding of the forbidden fruit’s consequences. Scholars debate whether the serpent may have even tasted the fruit before Eve. While the biblical … Read more

30 Verses that Tell Us About Bible Creativity

The Bible, as a source of wisdom and inspiration, has profound implications for creativity. It begins by establishing God as the Creator, setting a precedent for all subsequent acts of creativity as reflections of God’s own creative nature.  As beings created in God’s image, we are endowed with the capacity for creativity, which is a … Read more

Church Property Ownership: Are Churches Public Property?

Churches play a significant role in communities, providing spiritual guidance, support, and a place for worship. They often serve as gathering places for various events and activities, making them essential to the social fabric of many neighborhoods. However, there has been some confusion regarding the ownership and accessibility of churches. Are they public property, open … Read more

Does the Bible Condemn Homosexuality?

The Bible does have a very specific view on what it considers right and wrong when it comes to sexual relationships. It teaches that marriage between one man and one woman is the only context God designed for sex. This means, according to the Bible, any sexual activity outside that type of marriage is considered a sin.  … Read more