Should A Christian Do Yoga Exercises?

For around two thousand years, people have been doing yoga for the good it does to their bodies, minds, and hearts. Yoga started in ancient India, and it has a spiritual side, especially for Hindu and Buddhist folks. This makes us wonder: Can we keep the spiritual part of yoga separate from the rest, and … Read more

Should A Christian Marry A Non-Christian?

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Should A Christian Get A Tattoo?

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Should A Christian Drink Alcohol?

When it comes to the topic of alcohol consumption, the Christian perspective can be quite diverse. Some Christians embrace the occasional glass of wine or a beer, while others vehemently abstain from any form of alcohol. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the Christian perspective on alcohol, delving into both the biblical … Read more

How Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation?

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How Can A Christian Rightly Become A Child Of God?

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Is It a Sin to Cremate a Body?

Is it a sin to cremate? We have heard of many cultures that cremate their dead. Cultures like Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Lutherans, Reformed Jews and so on. Cremation is not considered a wicked activity in the Bible. The extensive lists of directions for life and dying set forth by Almighty God in the Old and … Read more

Is It A Sin To Cuss?

Whatever you call the use of words when we are angry, sad, trying to be humorous, or just having a normal discussion, we will all defend the usage of them when it comes to swearing, cussing, speaking profanity, letting zingers fly, etc.  Yes it is sin to cuss! Matthew 12:36-37 says so. “I only say … Read more

Is It A Sin To Cause Someone To Sin?

Is God more displeased when you cause another person to sin than when you sin yourself? This is a question that has been debated by theologians and Christian leaders for centuries. There is no easy answer, but the Bible does provide some guidance. Strong’s Concordance defines a stumbling block as “an occasion of sin; a … Read more