21 Songs of Healing for The Sick

When times are tough or we feel sad, we often seek comfort. For many, music is a source of comfort. Let’s see how certain songs, especially those with healing messages, can give deep comfort and hope to those who are sick. As we listen to the tunes and lyrics of these healing songs, let’s discover … Read more

Is ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Really a Musical?

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Why the Sound of Music Is Not a Christmas Movie?

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What Does an Orange Moon Mean Spiritually?

The orange moon is a rare phenomenon that has been observed for centuries by people from all over the world. In some cultures, the orange moon is seen as a sign of good luck, while in others it is seen as a warning of danger. In 2018, the orange moon coincided with the harvest moon, … Read more

Is Manifesting Against Christianity?

Manifesting, the practice of attracting positive outcomes and desires through focused intention and visualization, has gained popularity in recent years. However, some Christians may question whether manifesting aligns with their religious beliefs. In this article, we will explore the concept of manifesting in relation to Christianity, examining its compatibility and potential conflicts. What is Manifesting? … Read more

How Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation?

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How Can A Christian Rightly Become A Child Of God?

Becoming a child of God is a fundamental concept in the Christian faith. It signifies a deep and personal relationship with the Creator, where one experiences spiritual rebirth and embraces a new identity as part of God’s family. This article explores the steps and principles that guide Christians on the path to becoming children of … Read more

Is It a Sin to Cremate a Body?

Is it a sin to cremate? We have heard of many cultures that cremate their dead. Cultures like Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Lutherans, Reformed Jews and so on. Cremation is not considered a wicked activity in the Bible. The extensive lists of directions for life and dying set forth by Almighty God in the Old and … Read more

Is It A Sin To Cuss?

Whatever you call the use of words when we are angry, sad, trying to be humorous, or just having a normal discussion, we will all defend the usage of them when it comes to swearing, cussing, speaking profanity, letting zingers fly, etc.  Yes it is sin to cuss! Matthew 12:36-37 says so. “I only say … Read more