10 Best Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Youths

You’ve seen the statistics. Troubled teens are more likely to commit crimes and end up in jail than their peers, and they’re also more likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. While many troubled teens would benefit from residential treatment programs that offer 24/7 supervision and therapy, these programs can be prohibitively expensive.

Luckily, there are plenty of excellent Christian boarding schools out there offering high-quality education at much lower prices than institutionalized treatment centers. Here are the best Christian boarding Schools for troubled youths.

Elk Creek Academy

Cost: $13,000 (tuition plus room and board)

Location: Ashburn, Virginia

About the school: Located on a beautiful farm in Ashburn, Virginia, Elk Creek Academy is a Christian boarding high school for girls ages 12-18 who want to improve their behavior and make better choices in life. The school offers a wide range of programs including academics, athletics and fine arts for students who are struggling with substance abuse issues or behavioral problems at home or in the community. Elk Creek offers small group mentoring as well as individualized attention from teachers who specialize in helping troubled teens get back on track.

St Anne’s Retreat/Residential Treatment Center

St Anne’s Retreat/Residential Treatment Center – Abbeville, SC (South Carolina), serving girls ages 13-18 years old who struggle with depression or anxiety issues; program promotes self-esteem building through personal growth groups as well as individual counseling sessions with licensed therapists; multiple outdoor recreational activities like hiking on trails near campus and kayaking along waterways.

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Texas Christian Academy

TCA is a member of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) and has an enrollment of over 800 students. Its athletic teams compete in the TAPPS 1A division, with its team nickname being the “Lone Star Longhorns”.

Students at TCA are required to wear school uniforms throughout their time at the school. In addition to wearing school uniforms, all students must attend chapel services once per week during each class period. While there are no religious restrictions for admission, TCA does require parents/guardians to agree that their children will participate in all aspects of student life including chapel services and extracurricular activities.

Calvary Chapel Christian Schools

Calvary Chapel Christian Schools (CCCS) has five campuses located throughout El Paso that serve around 3200 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade level each year. CCCS offers elementary education through secondary academic programs along with athletics and other extracurricular activities such as art classes, choir music groups, drama productions and more! The school also works closely with parents/guardians so they too can be involved with their child’s education journey!

The Village School

The Village School is a Christian boarding school for troubled teens located in Ohio. The school offers a wide range of treatment options for troubled teens, including therapy, spiritual counseling, equine therapy, and more. This program is an ideal choice for families who want to enroll their teen at a faith-based boarding school but are not sure if it’s the right fit for their child.

Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College is located in Milledgeville, Georgia. Georgia Military College was founded in 1879 as a military school for boys. It offers a wide range of academic programs to prepare students for college and their lives beyond graduation. Students can study one-year courses or pursue two-year certificates and associate’s degrees at the college’s main campus or they can complete their education online through an accredited degree program.

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University of South Carolina Salkehatchie School

University of South Carolina Salkehatchie School: Located in the small town of Allendale, this coeducational college preparatory school offers boarding for students grades 6 to 12. The school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Students praise its academics and social life, while parents appreciate its faith-based perspective on learning.

Wren High School

Wren High School: This all-girls private school offers boarding opportunities for girls between 9th and 12th grade who want a college prep experience with a focus on Christian values. The school boasts an average ACT score above 25 (out of 36), and 82% of graduates go onto higher education each year. Wren also has an excellent teacher retention rate and boasts over $1 million dollars’ worth of construction projects completed since 2002 thanks to alumni donations!

Bob Jones Academy

Bob Jones Academy: With campuses located throughout Greenville County, including one just outside I-85’s Exit 40A near Columbia; BJA provides students with options within walking distance from most homes if you prefer not having your child commute daily via public transportation or driving.

Other Christian Boarding Schools Worth Noting

  • The Ranch for Boys
  • Topeka Christian Schools
  • Horizon Academy for Troubled Youth
  • Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart (New Jersey)
  • St Jude’s Ranch For Children
  • Victory Christian Military Academy (Texas)
  • Harbor House Ministries (Florida)
  • Way of Life Ministries (Florida)
  • Victory Preparatory Academy – Atlanta, GA (Georgia)
  • Silverado Academy – Greenville, SC (South Carolina)
  • Victory Preparatory Academy – Nashville, TN (Tennessee)

Key Notes

The best Christian boarding schools for troubled teens are those that emphasize a strong faith base, one that will offer the kind of spiritual support and guidance needed by young people who may be struggling with an array of issues.

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The best Christian boarding schools for troubled youth are those that recognize the importance of giving students direction, while also providing them with opportunities to develop their self-esteem, learn how to make healthy choices in life, and gain skills they can use later in adulthood.

The best Christian boarding schools in Indiana are those that have been recognized as some of the highest quality institutions on this list because they offer strong academics as well as excellent extracurricular opportunities for students looking for something more than just an academic curriculum.

The best Christian boarding schools in Texas are those with campuses near many major cities, allowing parents to easily travel from home when necessary while still remaining close enough to visit frequently (especially during holidays). They also tend to provide financial aid options if needed, so parents aren’t burdened with costs that exceed what they can afford after taxes are deducted at work each year.


As you can see, there are many Christian boarding schools that offer services for troubled teens. If your son or daughter is struggling with behavioral issues, the best thing to do is make an appointment with a professional counselor or psychologist who can assess the situation and determine what type of treatment will be best for your child. After doing this, you may want to consider enrolling them in one of these schools so that they can receive help from experienced professionals who understand how important it is for troubled youth like yours to get back on track before going off into adulthood with all its challenges!

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