20 Truths About The Power of A Praying Woman

Stormie Omartian’s book, “The Power of a Praying Woman,” explores how prayer profoundly influences a woman’s life. Let’s explore the wisdom in its pages to discover key truths about how prayer can transform a woman’s life.

20 Truths About The Power of A Praying Woman

1. Encounter with Divine Transformation

Through prayer, a woman embarks on a journey of divine encounter, experiencing profound transformation in every aspect of her being. It is in the sacred space of prayer that she finds the strength to overcome challenges and the courage to embrace her true identity and purpose, allowing God’s love to permeate every corner of her heart and soul.

2. Recognition of God’s Sovereignty

Prayer instills in a woman a deep reverence for God’s sovereignty, reminding her that He alone holds the power to shape her destiny and guide her path. In surrendering to His will through prayer, she finds peace and assurance in His divine plan for her life, understanding that His ways are higher than her ways and His thoughts higher than her thoughts.

3. Embrace of Spiritual Authority

A praying woman understands the significance of spiritual authority in her life. She recognizes that submission to divinely appointed leadership is not about control or oppression but rather about protection, guidance, and growth. By willingly submitting to the spiritual covering provided by God-appointed authorities, she finds herself positioned for greater blessings and spiritual maturity.

4. Pursuit of Divine Promises

Praying helps a woman get all the good things God promised. She knows these promises aren’t just words but strong signs of how faithful and giving God is. With strong belief, she grabs onto these promises. They change how she sees things and what she does. When she sticks to what God promised, she changes, gets stronger, and gets closer to God.

5. Recognition of Inner Transformation

A praying woman acknowledges the transformative power of God’s Spirit within her. She reflects on her journey of deliverance, healing, and restoration, recognizing the profound change that has taken place in her life since she surrendered to God. Through prayer, she continues to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to mold her character, renew her mind, and align her life with God’s purposes.

6. Revelation of God’s Character

In her prayer life, a woman encounters the multifaceted nature of God’s character. She learns to call upon Him by various names, each representing a different aspect of His attributes and qualities. By embracing these names and understanding their significance, she deepens her relationship with God and gains a richer understanding of His love, provision, and faithfulness in her life.

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7. Intimacy in Prayer

A praying woman prioritizes intimacy with God through regular, dedicated prayer time. She understands the importance of seeking solitude and quietness to commune with her Heavenly Father. In the secret place of prayer, she finds refreshment, guidance, and revelation. Through intimate conversation with God, she cultivates a deeper connection with Him, experiencing His presence, peace, and power in her daily life.

8. Trust in God’s Sovereignty

Through prayer, a woman learns to trust in God’s sovereignty over every aspect of her life. She relinquishes control and surrenders her plans and desires to His divine will. With unwavering faith, she acknowledges God’s authority and wisdom, knowing that His plans for her are good and purposeful. By entrusting her life into His hands, she experiences peace, security, and confidence in the midst of uncertainty and challenges.

9. Transformation Through Prayer

When a woman gives her heart, mind, and problems to God through prayer, she sees big changes. Prayer helps her heal inside, break free from bad things, and fix what’s broken in her life. When she lets God work in her through His Spirit, amazing things happen, inside and out. Prayer makes her grow, become spiritually stronger, and change for the better forever.

10. Pursuit of Spiritual Growth

With a fervent desire for spiritual growth, a praying woman seeks to deepen her relationship with God and mature in her faith. She recognizes prayer as a vital tool for spiritual development and commits to a lifestyle of prayerful dependence on God. Through consistent prayer and immersion in God’s Word, she cultivates a deeper understanding of biblical truths, develops spiritual discernment, and grows in wisdom and maturity. Her journey of spiritual growth is marked by an increasing hunger for God’s presence, a passion for His Word, and a desire to fulfill His purposes in her life.

The Power of A Praying Woman

11. Faithfulness in Prayer

A woman’s commitment to prayer is rooted in faithfulness and perseverance. Despite challenges, distractions, or unanswered prayers, she remains steadfast in her devotion to seeking God’s face and interceding on behalf of others. She understands the importance of persistence in prayer, trusting in God’s timing and faithfulness to fulfill His promises. With unwavering faith, she continues to pray with fervency and expectancy, confident that God hears and answers the cries of His children according to His perfect will.

12. Intimate Relationship with God

The key to a praying woman’s strength lies in her pursuit of a close relationship with God. She understands that God desires closeness with His children, so she passionately seeks His presence. Through prayer, worship, and spending time with God, she grows even closer to Him, feeling His love, grace, and faithfulness deeply. This close relationship becomes the foundation of her life, shaping her identity, guiding her decisions, and empowering her to confidently walk in God’s purpose.

13. Divine Encounter and Revelation

In her journey of prayer, a woman encounters the divine presence of God and receives revelation from Him. Through moments of prayerful communion, worship, and meditation on God’s Word, she experiences divine encounters that illuminate her understanding, strengthen her faith, and reveal God’s will for her life. These encounters are marked by a profound sense of God’s presence, clarity of vision, and supernatural empowerment to fulfill His purposes. As she seeks God’s face in prayer, she discovers deeper dimensions of His character, His plans, and His unfailing love for her.

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14. Empowerment for Service

The power of a praying woman extends beyond personal transformation to empowerment for service in God’s kingdom. Through prayer, she taps into God’s power and anointing, equipping her for effective ministry and impact in the lives of others. With a heart burdened for the lost and the broken, she intercedes fervently for souls, believing in God’s power to save, heal, and deliver. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, she steps out in faith to serve God and His people, bringing hope, healing, and restoration to those in need. Her life becomes a testimony of God’s grace and power at work through the prayers of a faithful servant.

15. Spiritual Growth and Transformation

A praying woman draws strength from God’s promises, knowing that His Word is trustworthy and true. She anchors her faith in the assurances found in Scripture, believing that God will fulfill His promises in her life according to His perfect will.

16. Perseverance in Prayer

Understanding the power of persistence, a woman of prayer perseveres in her supplications. She does not grow weary in seeking God’s intervention but continues to lift her petitions before Him with faith and perseverance, trusting in His timing and sovereignty. This persistence reflects her unwavering trust in God’s faithfulness to answer prayers according to His perfect will, even when the answers may not come immediately or in the way she expects.

17. Resilience in Trials and Challenges

Amidst life’s trials and challenges, the power of prayer sustains and strengthens a woman, enabling her to endure with resilience and faith. Through intimate communion with God, she finds comfort, peace, and courage to face adversity with unwavering trust in His sovereignty and goodness. Prayer becomes her refuge in times of trouble, anchoring her soul in the unshakeable promises of God’s Word. With each prayer uttered in faith, she overcomes obstacles, defeats the enemy’s schemes, and emerges victorious through the power of God’s grace at work within her.

18. Embracing God’s Names

Embracing the various names of God, a woman of prayer acknowledges His multifaceted nature and character. She calls upon Him as her Healer, Redeemer, Comforter, and Provider, recognizing that each name reflects a different aspect of His love, power, and faithfulness. By embracing God’s names, she deepens her understanding of His character and invites His presence and provision into every aspect of her life.

19. Trusting in God’s Promises:

A praying woman anchors her faith in God’s promises, knowing that His word is true and unwavering. She clings to the assurance that God’s promises are “Yes” and “Amen” in Christ, believing that He will fulfill every word spoken over her life and circumstances. Trusting in God’s promises empowers her to stand firm in the face of trials and challenges, confident that God is faithful to His word and will never fail her.

20. Living a Transformed Life:

Through the power of prayer, a woman experiences transformation in every area of her life. She embraces the truth that God’s Spirit dwells within her, leading her, guiding her, and empowering her to live victoriously. With each prayer uttered, she moves closer to fulfilling her purpose and destiny in alignment with God’s perfect will. As she continues to seek God’s face and surrender to His leading, she experiences ongoing growth, renewal, and transformation, becoming more like Christ in character and conduct.

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The journey of a woman who prays is ongoing, not a final destination. Through prayer, she sheds her earthly limitations and embraces the endless possibilities of her connection with God. This transformation doesn’t just affect her life; it also impacts those around her. Are you prepared to begin this transformative journey? Open your heart to prayer and allow the Divine’s power to reshape your life, one whispered word at a time.

About the Book

Stormie Omartian wrote the book “The power of a praying woman”. She’s a bestseller in Christian non-fiction. Her book tells women to pray more. It shows how prayer helps in life. The book talks about trusting God. It also talks about overcoming fear. Women can learn to pray for relationships. They can pray during tough times. The book helps find purpose. It’s for women who want to grow spiritually.

FAQs about The Power of A Praying Woman

1. What does God say about a praying woman?
  • In Luke 18:1, Jesus tells believers, including women, to keep praying and never give up. Also, Proverbs 31:26 praises women who speak wisely and teach faithfully, showing how important prayer is in a woman’s life.
2. Should a woman cover her head in church?
  • In church, women cover their heads when praying or prophesying, based on 1 Corinthians 11:5-6. Different Christian groups interpret this in various ways. Some churches don’t make women do this.
3. Is there a spiritual meaning for head covering?
  • In Christianity, head covering symbolizes various spiritual concepts such as submission, modesty, and reverence. It signifies a woman’s acknowledgment of God’s authority and her respect for His order in creation. Additionally, head covering may represent spiritual protection, symbolizing the woman’s connection to God and her role as a vessel for His blessings and guidance.
4. How can prayer empower women?
  • Prayer empowers women by fostering a deeper connection with God, providing strength, wisdom, and guidance for daily challenges. It enables women to find peace, comfort, and clarity amidst life’s uncertainties, empowering them to fulfill their roles and responsibilities with confidence and grace.
5. What role does prayer play in a woman’s spiritual growth?
  • Prayer plays a pivotal role in a woman’s spiritual growth by nurturing her relationship with God, deepening her faith, and enhancing her understanding of His word. Through prayer, women experience spiritual transformation, gaining insight, discernment, and a greater sense of purpose in their journey of faith.
6. How can women cultivate a consistent prayer life?
  • Women can cultivate a consistent prayer life by setting aside dedicated time for prayer each day, creating a quiet and conducive environment for communion with God. They can also use prayer journals, devotionals, and prayer prompts to stay focused and intentional in their prayer practice.
7. Does God hear the prayers of women?
  • Yes, God hears and answers the prayers of women just as He does for men. Scripture affirms that God is impartial and attentive to the cries of His people, regardless of gender (Romans 2:11, Galatians 3:28). Women are encouraged to approach God boldly in prayer, confident in His promise to listen and respond according to His will.

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