80 Native American Prayers for The Dead

Many of us find solace and strength in prayer when we’re going through difficult times. Prayer helps us connect with something larger than ourselves and offers a sense of hope. The prayers below are created especially for those who have lost loved ones, those who are grieving, and anyone seeking the enduring power of the spirit.

These prayers honor the traditions of both Native American belief systems and Christianity. They’re designed to provide comfort and support to people from many different spiritual backgrounds.

Prayer for the Journey

  1. Great Spirit, Creator of everything, and God who watches over our hearts, we come together in your name to remember our loved one who has traveled onward. May their spirit find freedom, like an eagle soaring high in your beautiful creation.
    1. In the rising of the sun and its setting, we remember their light and warmth. As the stars blanket the night, may they find peace in your heavenly embrace, where the rivers of life flow eternal and the fields bloom without end.
    1. Bless us with the strength to carry their memory, the courage to continue their legacy, and the wisdom to walk in harmony with your creation. May the winds whisper their stories, the rains wash away our sorrow, and the earth remind us of our interconnectedness.
    1. God within us, guide us with your love. God beyond us, keep us in the circle of your care. May our loved one be enfolded in your eternal peace, and may we meet again in the sacred circle that knows no end..

    Prayer of Gratitude and Remembrance

    80 Native American Prayers for The Dead

    1. Dear Creator, you made the beautiful web of life that links us to each other and to our planet. Today, we’re thankful for [Name]’s life, who brought love, wisdom, and happiness to our paths.
    1. Like rivers that never stop running to the ocean, [Name]’s love touched everyone. The mighty mountains remind us of their strength and courage. And when we feel a soft breeze, it’s like [Name] is still with us, offering comforting and encouraging words.
    1. God of everything, welcome them into your forever home, where there’s no pain, only peace. Let their spirit fly high like the eagles, and let their memories light our way as we move forward.

    Prayer for Healing and Peace

    1. Heavenly Father and Great Spirit, who comforts us in our moments of loss and heals the broken-hearted, we seek your solace as we mourn the passing of our beloved [Name]. They walked this earth with grace, touching lives with kindness, and leaving footprints of peace.
    1. As the seasons change in endless cycles, remind us of the renewal of life and the hope that springs from faith. Let the beauty of nature—the blooming flowers, the flowing streams, and the singing birds—bring healing to our spirits and calm to our troubled hearts.
    1. Grant [Name] eternal rest in the lush valleys of your domain, where the land is fertile, the waters are pure, and the sun forever shines. May their spirit be lifted on wings of eagles, and may their legacy live on through us, inspiring acts of love and compassion.

    Prayer for Unity and Continuity

    1. Creator God and Great Spirit of our ancestors, you have taught us that life is a circle, bound by love, where the end meets the beginning. As we honor [Name], who has stepped into the next part of this eternal journey, let us remember the unity that binds us all.
    1. In the mighty rivers, we see life’s relentless flow, reminding us of the enduring connections between past, present, and future. In the stars above, we see the lights of countless ancestors, guiding [Name] and comforting us with the knowledge that we are never truly apart.
    1. Bless us with the wisdom to cherish every moment, to learn from the path [Name] walked, and to carry forward their dreams for a better world. May we walk gently upon this Earth, respecting all creation, as [Name] did, and may the peace that surpasses all understanding be with them and with us, now and forever.

    Prayer for Harmony with the Creator

    1. O Great Spirit, Father of all creation, we gather in humble recognition of your majestic power and the beauty of your handiwork. As we remember [Name], who has walked on to the spirit world, we give thanks for the harmony they brought to our lives, mirroring the balance of your creation.
    1. Like the trees that reach toward the sky and roots that anchor deep within the Earth, may their spirit find a place of balance and tranquility in your eternal forest. As the seasons cycle in perfect rhythm, grant us the grace to accept the seasons of our own lives, embracing each transition with faith and hope.
    1. In your loving kindness, envelop [Name] in the everlasting peace of your presence, where every tear is wiped away, and joy knows no bounds. Teach us to live in harmony with one another and with all of creation, following the example set by [Name] and by your Son, who leads us in the way of peace.

    Prayer for Divine Guidance

    1. Lord of all nations and Creator who guides the stars in their courses, we turn to you in our time of sorrow, seeking comfort and direction. As we commemorate the life and legacy of [Name], we ask for your guiding light to shine upon their path as they journey beyond the sunset.
    1. May they be greeted by the ancestors who have gone before them, joining in the celestial rest of the spirits under your watchful eye. Grant them safe passage through the heavens, led by the same star that guided wise men and by the same spirit that moves through all things.
    1. For those of us who remain, bestow upon us the wisdom to navigate our own paths with courage and faith, inspired by [Name]’s memory. May we listen for your voice in the whispering wind, seek your face in the warming sun, and feel your love in the embrace of the Earth.
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    Prayer for Continuation of Spirit

    1. Dear Heavenly Creator, the source and end of all life, we stand before you to celebrate [Name]’s spirit. Their physical presence has gently faded, much like the sun dipping below the horizon, yet their spirit endures, flowing endlessly like a river to the ocean.
    1. In the intricate weave of existence, every thread serves a purpose, adding to the collective beauty. We’re deeply thankful for the vivid thread [Name] wove into our lives, a pattern of love and resilience that will eternally reside in our hearts.
    1. Like the eagle that reaches great heights yet remains close to the earth, may [Name]’s spirit move freely in your endless love, always remaining a part of our lives. In the cloud’s journey, the sparkle of stars, the gentle touch of rain, and the warmth of the sun, may we feel their presence, guiding us, bringing us comfort, and reminding us of the timeless nature of love.

    Prayer for the Soul’s Journey

    1. Divine Creator and Great Spirit of our ancestors, as we gather to remember [Name], whose journey on this earth has come to a close, we look to you for comfort and understanding. Like the rivers that flow to the sea, may their soul move gracefully into your welcoming arms.
    1. Lead them among the stars, over the heavenly fields, to the place where ancestors celebrate in endless happiness. Let them be surrounded by your affection, discovering comfort in your sacred company, as they become part of the unending cycle of life.
    1. Bless their path with light, clearing the way for peace and reunion with the great chorus of spirits who sing your praise. Let their spirit soar with the eagles, transcending the bonds of earth, reaching the heavens where all is reconciled in your grace.

    Prayer for Comfort and Strength

    1. Lord of all creation, in this moment of loss, we seek the comfort of your embrace and the strength of your love. As we mourn the passing of [Name], remind us of the enduring bonds that connect us, transcending the veil of physical existence.
    1. In the whisper of the wind, let us hear their voice; in the rustle of the leaves, let us feel their touch; in the flow of the river, let us sense their movement; and in the warmth of the sun, let us bask in their light. Comfort us in our sorrow, and fortify us with the courage to walk forward, carrying their memory in our hearts.
    1. May we find solace in the natural world you created, which [Name] so cherished, seeing in it the cycle of life, death, and renewal that brings hope in the midst of grief. Help us to lean on one another, sharing the burden of our loss, and finding healing in community and in your ever-present love.

    Prayer for the Renewal of Spirit

    1. To the Great Spirit above and the nurturing Earth below, we come together to cherish the memory of [Name]. Their journey on this Earth has ended, but their spirit continues to shine brightly in our lives, like a star that never fades.
    1. Just as the changing seasons renew the world around us, let our hearts find comfort and strength in the love and memories [Name] has left behind. With each new spring, we’re reminded of the fresh start and hope [Name] represents. In the summer’s full glory, we recall the depth of their contributions to our lives. As leaves fall in autumn, we gently release our sorrow, and in winter’s calm, we find tranquility and a deeper connection to the sacred.
    1. We request the ancestors to welcome [Name] into the eternal circle, where stories flow and the warmth of a ceaseless fire comforts all. May their spirit dance in the everlasting rhythm, and may we feel their gentle touch in the ongoing dance of life around us, harmonizing with the beautiful chorus of creation.

    Prayer for Eternal Connection

    1. Great Creator, who brushes the dawn with hues and dots the night with stars, we gather to celebrate [Name]’s spirit. Just as the seasons flow in harmony, our lives blend into the grand narrative of the universe.z
    1. In towering mountains, we see [Name]’s lasting might; in quiet waters, their soothing essence; in the endless sky, their infinite soul; and in the rich soil, their caring heart. May their passage to the spirit realm be illuminated by your love, joining the elders in a place where tranquility and beauty never end.
    1. Bring us solace in knowing that in the eternal cycle of existence, being apart is merely a mirage. Let us sense [Name]’s presence in the rustling leaves, the flickering flames, the water’s gentle touch, and the earth’s hug, showing us that love knows no limits.

    Prayer for Wisdom and Guidance

    1. Great Spirit and Heavenly Father, in times of loss, we seek your wisdom and guidance. As we remember [Name], whose voice is now silent, we listen for their echo in the canyons of our hearts and the spaces they once filled.
    1. Teach us to walk the path they laid, with respect for the earth and all its inhabitants, with courage to face our challenges, with generosity to share our blessings, and with love to unite our community. May [Name]’s legacy inspire us to live with purpose and compassion, reflecting your divine love in our actions.
    1. Guide [Name] on their journey beyond the horizon, where the sun meets the earth and the sky cradles the stars. May they be welcomed by the ancestors into a land of endless sunrise, and may their spirit shine brightly, guiding us through our darkest nights.
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    Prayer for Healing and Renewal

    1. O Divine Healer and Creator, who breathes life into the dust and mends the broken-hearted, we seek your healing touch in our time of grief for [Name]. Like the rain that nurtures the parched earth, let your grace fall upon us, renewing our spirits and washing away our sorrow.
    1. In the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, remind us of the eternal promise of renewal and the hope that springs forth from faith. As the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly, so may our hearts be transformed by the memory of [Name], finding beauty and strength in the midst of loss.
    1. Embrace [Name] in your infinite love, in a place where pain is no more, and every tear is dried. May their spirit flourish in your celestial garden, and may we carry forward the light of their love, illuminating the path for others and keeping their spirit alive within us.

    Prayer for Spiritual Guidance

    1. Sacred Spirit and Father of Lights, guide us with your wisdom as we navigate the path of grief and remembrance for [Name]. Like the stars that guide the traveler in the night, may [Name]’s legacy be a beacon of hope and guidance for us.
    1. Bless their journey through the realms beyond, where ancient spirits and saints dwell in unity. May they be greeted with joy and embraced by the love that knows no end. Help us to sense their guidance in our moments of need, as a gentle reminder that we are never alone.

    Prayer of Gratitude for Shared Journeys

    1. Creator of All, we lift our hearts in gratitude for the gift of [Name]’s presence in our lives. Like the bounty of the harvest, their contributions have enriched our community, nourishing our spirits and strengthening our bonds.
    1. In the cycle of giving and receiving, we acknowledge the blessings [Name] bestowed upon us. May their spirit continue to inspire acts of kindness and generosity, as their memory becomes a seed that blossoms into countless acts of love.

    Prayer for the Enduring Spirit

    1. Dear Great Spirit and Eternal God, with your wisdom, you make our lives into a beautiful pattern. We remember [Name], whose life’s thread now moves in a place we can’t see, joining the voices of those who came before us.
    1. Just like nature always changes—the tides go in and out, the moon grows and shrinks, the seasons change—[Name]’s spirit is still with us, in the life of our community and in the soft whispers of our memories.
    1. Let us find peace in knowing that in the circle of life and after, love never ends. It keeps us connected to those we’ve lost and those who will come after us.

    Prayer for Unity and Shared Hope

    1. Dear Divine Weaver, who skillfully shapes the threads of our existence, help us come together as we pay tribute to [Name]. Even though our paths and beliefs vary, let us be united by our mutual love and respect for [Name].
    1. Let [Name]’s legacy remind us of how strength can be found in our differences, serving as a connection across various lands, communities, and beliefs. Looking towards the place where the earth kisses the sky, may we all embrace a common dream of harmony, empathy, and the shared prosperity of every living thing.

    Prayer for Protection and Guidance

    1. Creator Who Watches Over Us, we ask for your protection and guidance as we remember [Name], whose journey on this earthly plane has ended. As the great eagle flies with assurance and grace, may [Name]’s spirit be carried safely on their journey to the spirit world, under your watchful eye.
    1. Shield them with your love, guide them with your light, and welcome them into the peaceful embrace of the ancestors and saints. For those of us who remain, grant us the courage and strength to walk forward, guided by the wisdom and love [Name] shared with us.

    Prayer Celebrating the Wisdom of Nature

    1. To the Great Spirit and Creator of Everything, your wondrous creation teaches and soothes us. In celebrating [Name], we see the deep wisdom in nature’s design—the forest’s endurance, the river’s flexibility, and the stone’s steadiness.
    1. May the marvels of the natural world encourage us to accept life’s beginnings and endings with dignity and optimism. We wish for [Name]’s soul to revel in the boundless beauty of your realm, where every part of creation resonates with your sacred essence.

    Prayer for Communal Healing

    1. O Compassionate Creator, in times of loss, we are reminded of the strength found in our unity. As we gather to pay tribute to [Name], let us also draw closer to one another, finding solace in our shared memories and the collective love we hold.
    1. Heal our hearts, bind our wounds, and weave our spirits closer, that we may support one another in this journey of grief and remembrance. May [Name]’s legacy be a catalyst for deeper connections, mutual understanding, and a renewed commitment to the well-being of our community.

    Prayer for the Light of Hope

    1. Divine Luminary, in the darkness of our loss, we seek the light of your hope. As we reflect on the life of [Name], let us be guided by the enduring flame of their spirit—a light that never fades, even in the darkest night.
    1. Illuminate our path forward with the warmth of your love and the promise of a dawn that brings new beginnings. May [Name]’s spirit soar in the infinite expanse of your grace, and may their light continue to shine in our hearts, guiding us toward peace, love, and unity.

    Prayer for Comfort in Loss

    1. Heavenly Father and Earth Mother, in this moment of profound sorrow, we reach out for the comfort of your embrace. As we mourn the loss of [Name], envelop us in your peace, like the calm after a storm when the land is washed anew.
    1. Grant us the strength to face each day with courage, and the wisdom to see the light of [Name]’s spirit in the beauty of the world around us. May our hearts find solace in the memories we shared and the love that binds us beyond the confines of time and space.

    Prayer for Hope Amidst Grief

    1. Creator of All, in the depths of our grief, we seek the beacon of your hope. As we navigate the pain of [Name]’s passing, illuminate our path with the gentle glow of their memories, guiding us toward healing and peace.
    1. Renew our spirits with the promise of a new dawn, where the pain of loss is softened by the joy of cherished moments and the hope of reunion in your eternal kingdom. May [Name]’s legacy be a source of strength and inspiration, a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit.
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    Prayer for the Journey of the Soul

    1. Great Spirit, who guides the sun on its journey across the sky, we entrust [Name] to your loving care on their journey beyond the horizon. As they step into the light of your presence, may they be greeted with joy by the ancestors, embraced by the saints, and welcomed into the land of everlasting peace.
    1. Safeguard their spirit, purify their essence, and allow them the liberty to soar alongside eagles, moving within the everlasting circle of life and love. For us who stay behind, infuse our hearts with the warmth of [Name]’s affection, and grant us peace in the knowledge that within your vast creation, we remain forever intertwined.

    Prayer for Healing and Unity

    1. Dear Divine Healer, in our sadness, we ask for your comforting touch. Help us to come closer in our loss, knitting our souls into a strong and caring network. In remembering [Name], let’s also celebrate the bonds we share, finding togetherness in our sorrow and affection in our memories.
    1. Let [Name]’s life encourage us to value our connections, to treasure every moment, and to tread softly on our planet, following the path of love and harmony. Heal our hurts, fix our aching hearts, and lead us toward healing, so we can leave this tough time with fresh hope and a greater appreciation for the precious nature of life.

    Prayer for Solace in Nature’s Embrace

    1. Sacred Creator, in whom all life finds refuge, grant us solace as we mourn the passing of [Name]. Let the whisper of the leaves, the murmur of the streams, and the warmth of the earth remind us of your ever-present comfort, and the enduring spirit of our loved one.
    1. May we find [Name]’s laughter in the rustling grass, their wisdom in the ancient rocks, and their embrace in the gentle wind. Help us to feel their presence in the harmony of nature, reassuring us that they are at peace and forever a part of the world’s beauty.

    Prayer for Light in Times of Darkness

    1. Lord of Light, in these moments of darkness, be our guiding star. As we navigate the void left by [Name]’s departure, cast your gentle light upon our path, helping us to see the way forward through our tears.
    1. Illuminate our hearts with memories of [Name]’s love and kindness, so that even in the darkest night, we are not lost. May their spirit be a lantern for us, guiding our steps with the radiance of their being, leading us towards healing and peace.

    Prayer for Strength in Community

    1. Divine Spirit, who binds us together in webs of love and shared destiny, fortify us with communal strength as we come to terms with the loss of [Name]. In our collective mourning, let us find the power of unity, supporting one another with empathy and understanding.
    1. As [Name] brought us together in life, let their memory continue to unite us in their passing. May our shared sorrow be the ground on which we build a stronger, more compassionate community, honoring [Name]’s legacy through our bonds of fellowship and care.

    Prayer for Embracing Grief with Grace

    1. Compassionate Shepherd, guide us through the valleys of our grief with your tender care. As we grieve for [Name], teach us to embrace our sorrow not as a burden, but as a testament to our love, allowing it to flow and heal us in its own time.
    1. Grant us the grace to mourn fully and deeply, secure in the knowledge that our tears are a river leading us towards healing. May we emerge from our grief with hearts expanded by love, enriched by memories, and open to the infinite beauty that life and loss bestow upon us.

    Prayer for Gentle Remembrance

    1. Dear Heavenly Father, please comfort us with Your endless kindness as we think of [Name]. Help our hearts find calm in the beautiful memories they left us, each one a soft reminder of their love, joy, and the times we spent together.
    1. Creator of Everything, when the cold of loss surrounds us, wrap us in Your warm hug. Let [Name]’s love keep shining in our lives, bringing us comfort and lighting our path through the dark times.
    1. Divine Comforter, when we’re feeling really sad, stay close to us. Let us feel [Name] in the quiet times, like a soothing voice in our hearts, showing us that love goes beyond all limits.
    1. Great Spirit, as [Name] starts their journey in the beyond, lead them kindly. May they walk in the heavens with those who came before, their spirit as free as the endless sky.
    1. Great Spirit, Keeper of the Earth and Sky, though [Name] walks unseen among us, let their spirit guide our steps like a silent companion on our journey, speaking to us through the whispers of the wind and the rhythms of the earth, reminding us they are always by our side.

    Prayer for Everlasting Connection

    1. Dear Weaver of Life, mix our hearts with [Name]’s, so even though we can’t see them anymore, they’ll always be a part of us, like a precious memory we hold dear.
    1. Kind Spirit, help heal our hurting hearts. After [Name] has left us, please calm our minds, fix our sadness, and gently lead us back to feeling whole and bright again.


    As we end this special time of prayer and remembrance, let’s keep the love and strength these prayers have given us. May the memories of our loved ones keep inspiring us, their spirits lead us, and the love of the divine give us peace. When our hearts and souls come together, we find comfort knowing that love lasts forever, the spirit’s journey never ends, and the Creator’s love is endless.

    Let’s move forward with hope, carrying the legacy of those we honor today. And may these prayers stay with us, reminding us of life’s beauty, strength, and sacredness. With unity, love, and eternal connection, we’re grateful for memories, hopeful for the future, and embraced by divine love.

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