God’s Favorite Numbers: 1, 2, 3 REVEALED!

God’s favorite numbers, 1, 2, and 3, hold deep significance in religious contexts. These numbers are not mere mathematical symbols but carry profound symbolism and meaning in relation to the divine. Let’s delve further into the exploration of these divine numbers and unravel their power and significance. Number 1: Unity and Oneness Number 1 represents … Read more

Dinna In The Bible: A Complete Commentary

Genesis 33:18–34:31 Drawing Near There were thirteen members of Jacob’s family: twelve sons and a daughter. What are some difficulties associated with growing up in a large family? The Context Our story begins with Jacob and his family settling in Shechem, Canaan (see map in Introduction) after he and his twin brother Esau had made peace. Jacob, sometimes … Read more

Why Do Pentecostals Pray out Loud?

So, you’re a non-Pentecostal Christian who’s never encountered the practice of praying out loud. That’s fine! But it’s definitely something you should know about. Let me explain: Pentecostals believe that when they pray they’re not just talking to God; they’re actually speaking in tongues. And that means that when they are praying out loud, their … Read more

Most Catholic Parts of England

Most Catholic parts of England according to populations studies done recently show that London has more religious and social conservatives than any other part of the United Kingdom. Christians are more likely to regularly attend religious services and pray in the nation’s capital, according to a new survey conducted by the Christian think tank Theos. … Read more

Scriptures to Meditate on For Spiritual Growth

Church attendance, discipleship, and service to the Lord are three essentials for developing one’s spiritual life. But if you neglect to study the Bible, you might accomplish all those things and still not mature in your Christlikeness. If you want to develop your faith, character, and intelligence, you must study and obey God’s Word. If … Read more

Church of Christ Scientist Beliefs

God. A very distinctive understanding of God is held by members of the Christian Church of Christ Scientist. They hold the view that God is not a physical being but rather a spiritual one. In point of fact, they hold the belief that God possesses neither a body nor a gender. They also think that … Read more

List of Christmas Movies on Hallmark 2016-2022

2000 – 2015 Hall Mark Christmas Movies Year Source Noel Next Door 2022 Watch We Need a Little Christmas 2022 Watch We Wish You a Married Christmas 2022 Watch A Kismet Christmas 2022 Watch A Cozy Christmas Inn 2022 Watch Jolly Good Christmas 2022 Watch Christmas Bedtime Stories 2022 Watch Ghosts of Christmas Always 2022 … Read more

How Many Christians in America?

There are different categories of Christians in America. For example, there are Active Christians, who believe that salvation comes through Jesus Christ, attend church regularly, read their Bibles, and invest in their personal faith development through their church. They are also willing to take leadership positions within their church and feel obligated to evangelize others. … Read more

Is Yoga Against Christianity?: A True Christians Fact!

Yoga is a popular form of exercise that has been shown to have many physical and mental health benefits. But is it against Christianity? Yoga is a mind-body practice that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. It involves physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. Yoga can be practiced for physical, mental, and spiritual health. … Read more