How Should A Christian Behave

What does it mean for Christians to be “salt and light” in the world (Matthew 5:13-14)? The Bible makes it obvious that Christians should be distinguished from non-Christians, and it also has a lot to say about how we should conduct ourselves. Love Thy Neighbor. Don’t Pass Judgment on Others. Don’t Be Envious of What … Read more

Summary of Genesis Chapter 12

Genesis chapter 12 marks the beginning of the story of Abram, who later becomes known as Abraham. In this chapter, God calls Abram to leave his homeland and journey to a new land that God will show him. Abram follows God’s command, and the events that follow set the stage for the rest of Abram’s … Read more

Summary of Genesis Chapter 11

Genesis 11 stands as a pivotal chapter in the Bible, weaving together narratives that underscore the complexities of human ambition, divine intervention, and the unfolding of God’s plan for humanity. From the ambitious construction of the Tower of Babel to the detailed genealogy that connects generations, this chapter offers profound insights into the nature of … Read more

Summary of Genesis Chapter 3

Genesis chapter 3 marks a turning point in the biblical narrative, as it describes the fall of humanity and the introduction of sin and its consequences into the world. The chapter recounts the story of Adam and Eve’s disobedience to God’s commandment not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, their subsequent discovery of their … Read more

Summary of Genesis Chapter 2

Genesis chapter 2 provides a more detailed account of the creation story, focusing specifically on the creation of Adam and Eve and the establishment of their relationship with one another and with God. Through this chapter, we gain insights into the nature of human beings and their relationship with their Creator. Verse 1: Thus the … Read more

God’s Favorite Numbers: 1, 2, 3 REVEALED!

God’s favorite numbers, 1, 2, and 3, hold deep significance in religious contexts. These numbers are not mere mathematical symbols but carry profound symbolism and meaning in relation to the divine. Let’s delve further into the exploration of these divine numbers and unravel their power and significance. Number 1: Unity and Oneness Number 1 represents … Read more

Dinna In The Bible: A Complete Commentary

Genesis 33:18–34:31 Drawing Near There were thirteen members of Jacob’s family: twelve sons and a daughter. What are some difficulties associated with growing up in a large family? The Context Our story begins with Jacob and his family settling in Shechem, Canaan (see map in Introduction) after he and his twin brother Esau had made peace. Jacob, sometimes … Read more

Why Do Pentecostals Pray out Loud?

So, you’re a non-Pentecostal Christian who’s never encountered the practice of praying out loud. That’s fine! But it’s definitely something you should know about. Let me explain: Pentecostals believe that when they pray they’re not just talking to God; they’re actually speaking in tongues. And that means that when they are praying out loud, their … Read more