Best Countries To Live For Christian Families

Best Countries To Live For Christian Families


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Norway is one of the most liberal countries in the world, yet it has a large population of Christians. Norway also has a very high standard of living, though you should know that it’s very expensive to live there. The weather can be cold and dark for half of the year, so if you’re looking for tropical weather, this isn’t your country. But if you’re able to handle these conditions and want to live in a safe place where people treat each other well and have strong moral values like yourself, then Norway might just be perfect for you!


Australia is a great place to live for Christian families. One of the most important things when moving overseas is ensuring that you have a safe, clean and secure environment in which to raise your family.

The Australian culture is very different from other countries such as America or Canada, but it’s worth giving it a try because of its relatively low crime rate and excellent health care system. It may take some adjustment at first when moving abroad, but once you get used to living in Australia there are many things about this country that will make you want to stay here forever!

  • Cost of living
  • Jobs & careers
  • Education
  • Health care services (this link goes directly back)
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New Zealand

New Zealand is a wonderful place to live if you’re a Christian family. First, it’s worth noting that New Zealand is the most popular country in which to have an international adoption as of 2019 according to Adoptive Families Magazine. In fact, New Zealand has more children available for adoption than any other country in the world!

New Zealand has a large Christian population: approximately 57 percent identify with Christianity in general, though some denominations are more prominent than others (e.g., Anglicans or Catholics).


  • Quality of life: Canada ranks highly on the quality of life index, which takes into account factors like air pollution, crime rates and family-friendliness. For example, it’s one of the least corrupt countries in the world and its citizens enjoy low crime rates.
  • Family friendly: Canadian cities are consistently ranked among the best cities to raise a family as they have high standards when it comes to education and health care. They also offer plenty to do for families with children such as excellent sports programs and parks.
  • Low taxes: Canadians pay very little in income tax compared with most other countries around the world. This makes an important difference when you’re trying to provide for your loved ones who rely on your income!


The Republic of Ireland can be a good place for Christian families who want to live somewhere where their religious beliefs are respected.

The country has many Christian festivals and holidays, including Easter Sunday and Christmas. The Catholic Church is the largest denomination in the country, with 83% of people identifying as Roman Catholic in 2017; it has tremendous influence on Irish society. All schools have religious education programs and all churches have free registration for weddings.

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Ireland’s constitution recognizes the special position of the Catholic Church: it guarantees that there will always be an Archbishop of Armagh who serves as Primate of All Ireland (the leader of all Catholics throughout Ireland) and it also states that “the State acknowledges that the homage due to God alone should be paid by every one without distinction whatever his creed or denomination may be” (Article 44a).

United States of America

The United States is a great place to live if you are a Christian family. The country has a population over 300 million, with millions of Christians living there. The standard of living in the US is high and its economy is strong, which means that you can enjoy safe neighborhoods and good jobs that pay well. The infrastructure in the US is also very good, making it easy to get around quickly by car or bus without having to worry about traffic jams or road accidents. Moreover, healthcare in the US is excellent as well!

These countries have the best environments for Christian families.

The best countries for Christian families are those that offer religious freedom, a high standard of living, and a high quality of life. They also have an accepting culture that encourages the practice of religion. In addition, these countries have low rates of crime and violence.

The most important factors for families considering moving to another country include:

  • Religious Freedom – The right to practice your own religion without being persecuted or discriminated against.
  • High Standard Of Living – Achieved by having access to good healthcare, education standards and job opportunities.
  • High Quality Of Life – The feeling you get when you experience freedom from poverty; knowing there will always be enough food on the table or clothes in your closet; not worrying about getting mugged or robbed because crime rates are low in your city; enjoying clean air quality while walking down the street instead of seeing polluted water flowing past every day as if nothing has changed since the industrial revolution era (this happened in China).
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We hope that this article has helped you to decide which is the best country for your Christian family. As we have seen, there are many things to consider and no one country will be perfect for everyone, but some countries are better than others. So wether you want a cheap place with good schools or somewhere more expensive where there is a vibrant social life, we hope that this list has helped you narrow down your options.

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