How to Become a Deacon in A Baptist Church

Being a deacon in Baptist churches has become an increasingly popular way to serve and be involved with the church. But what is it, exactly? And how do you apply to be a deacon? Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a deacon in your Baptist church.

Examine the Requirements for Becoming a Church Deacon.

Once you have chosen a church, it is time to examine the requirements for becoming a deacon. Knowing this is essential because each church has its own rules and procedures. In some cases, there will be an official application process; in others, you may need to inform the pastor and board of deacons that you want to become a deacon. Once they have accepted your request, they will assign someone from their group as your mentor. You can then begin attending training sessions with other potential deacons being considered for ordination in that congregation.

After completing this training program (which usually lasts several months), it will be time for you to attend another ceremony—the ordination service itself—where the church’s senior pastors will preside over the event and lead everyone present in prayer before giving each candidate one last chance at making sure he understands what it means both spiritually and practically to serve as a member of God’s holy priesthood on Earth.

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Serve as A Church Member.

To become a deacon, you must be a baptized church member. You should be active in church life, attending weekly worship services and participating in other activities at least once every three months. A deacon must also be able to fulfill all the duties required by the position.

To get started as a deacon candidate, contact your pastor or ask them to recommend you for consideration by the church’s session (governing body).

Once the session approves, you’ll need to undergo training before being ordained as an official deacon of your congregation.

Send in An Official Application.

You can find a job application on the church website, but you can also send an official application to the church office. In addition to your resume, include a letter of recommendation from each pastor whose church you attended over the last five years and one from another member at each of those churches. The letter should include details about why they think you’re qualified for this position and what makes you unique or impressive.

Interview with The Pastor and Board of Deacons.

The interview with the pastor and board is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the church and how God has prepared you for this calling. It’s also a chance to share your vision for the church, including what you see as its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to discern whether God has called them into this role.

Before the interview:

  • Read through your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) so that it’s fresh in your mind when asked about specific details.
  • Prepare 3-5 key points about yourself that summarize who you are and why they should be excited about having someone like yourself on staff.
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During the interview:

  • Be prepared by recalling questions you have gone through; this will help keep conversations focused on specific topics instead of drifting off into unproductive tangents.

Attend a Series of Training Sessions.

The training sessions may be held weekly or monthly, depending on the church’s schedule. You will learn about the church’s history, mission, vision, and goals for ministry. You will also learn about how deacons serve in the church and what you can expect from being a deacon.

Get Ordained.

The ordination process is not just a formal ceremony but also a process of training and preparation. Deacons are ordained by being set apart for the office of deacon by the church. The act may occur at any regular business meeting or at another time designated by the church, such as during Sunday morning worship service or an evening Bible study class.

The act of ordination is an act of authority—the authority granted to the laity (i.e., all baptized members) in Baptist churches to make decisions about how their churches should be governed according to biblical teachings on order within the local body of believers (1 Corinthians 14:40). This includes electing pastors and deacons who serve under their supervision, as well as passing resolutions that deal with church property ownership and usage policies.

Being a Deacon Is Not an Overnight Process but Requires Patience, Training, and Commitment to Service.

Becoming a deacon is not an overnight process but requires patience, training, and commitment to service. It takes time. If you are interested in becoming a deacon in your church, here is what you should know:

  • Becoming a deacon is not an overnight process; it requires patience and commitment.
  • The training process can take up to six months before the ordination service occurs (if God has called you).
  • Deacons are expected to serve on several boards within their churches, including finance committees or building committees, among others.
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Download This First Baptist Handbook for More Information

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If you are interested in becoming a deacon, we encourage you to examine the requirements and start the process. It is not an overnight process but requires patience and commitment to service. Remember that all Christians have an opportunity to serve in different ways, whether as a member of the church or as part of its leadership team.

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