How To Get Closer To God As A Christian

How To Get Closer To God As A Christian


You may not know this, but God is like a close friend that you’re searching for. The more you seek Him, the closer He will come to you. You don’t have to be afraid or feel shy, just believe in Him and His love for you. God is always there and He loves hearing from you as well!

1. Read your Bible

One of the best ways to get closer to God is by reading your Bible. The Bible is considered the Word of God and contains all that Christians need to know about God and how he wants us to live our lives.

Reading the Bible on a regular basis can help you understand who God is, what he has done for mankind through Jesus Christ, and how we can have a relationship with him today. It’s also important for building your personal relationship with God because it helps you know what kind of lifestyle he expects from us as Christians.

There are many different ways you can read the Bible: devotional reading vs studying; sequential readings vs topical studies; one-on-one sessions with an adult leader or mentor; group discussions led by an elder/lay leader (such as Sunday school); listening in church services where someone else reads aloud from scripture (elders will often do this during sermons). Most churches now offer several options for daily devotions using apps like YouVersion or Grace App which include commentaries from respected pastors and teachers; some even offer video content from sermons delivered at church meetings too!

If none of these options suit your needs then try starting up a monthly book club where everyone takes turns picking out sections from different books throughout each month so there’s always something new being discussed whenever they meet up again next week.”

2. Pray

Prayer is an important part of your Christian faith. Prayer is a form of communication with God. It can be done alone or with others. Praying without ceasing means that you should be talking to God throughout your day, not just when you are in church praying the “Our Father” prayer or some other formalized set of words.

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There are many ways to pray: pray as a family, pray individually or with others; pray at the beginning or end of each day (or even each meal), read scriptures before you go to bed, ask for forgiveness and guidance before going out into the world—whatever works best for you! There is no right way to pray as long as it happens regularly and is sincere in its intentions.

Another great way to get closer to God as a Christian is by volunteering time at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter near your home or work!

3. Attend church, small groups, and bible studies

To further your growth as a Christian, you can connect with other Christians in one or more of these ways:

  • Attending church, small groups and bible studies. There are many churches to choose from. Small groups are usually made up of people who live in the same neighborhood and meet weekly to study the Bible together and discuss issues facing them. These can be very beneficial because they help us grow closer to God as well as others who share our faith.
  • Connecting online through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or joining an online forum where you can talk about your faith with others who have similar beliefs about God. The internet has opened up many opportunities for Christians to connect virtually which is important since we shouldn’t forsake the assembling of ourselves together (Hebrews 10:25).

4. Fast

Fasting is the abstinence from food, drink and sex for a period of time. Some Christians choose to fast as a way of getting closer to God by submitting their bodies to Him. The primary goal is not self-deprivation, but rather it’s an attempt at self-purification.

Fasting can take many different forms: You can fast by abstaining from certain foods, such as meat or sweets; you can also take part in partial or complete fasts which include water only (or other liquids like juice). Fasts that require you to abstain from all food and drink are called total fasts. Fasts are often done for religious reasons such as Lent or Ramadan, but they’re also used for health purposes too. There are even fasting retreats where people go through intense physical challenges without eating any food at all!

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When breaking your fast after a long period without eating anything (such as during Lent), it’s important that you slowly reintroduce solid foods into your diet so that your digestive system doesn’t get overwhelmed with too much food at once—that could cause some serious discomfort! Try starting by having something small like crackers with peanut butter then gradually adding more solid foods back in over several days until you reach full normal consumption again.*

5. Confess your sins to God and others

Confessing your sins to God and others is another way to keep yourself humble in the face of God. When you confess your sins, it helps you stay accountable for your actions. It keeps you from living life as if nothing is wrong with what you’re doing because someone else knows about it and may hold you accountable if they see or hear something that makes them think less of you as a result. In addition, this practice allows God to work through other people towards your growth in faith and holiness (1 Corinthians 6:11).

6. Love others in tangible ways

  • Love your neighbor. Jesus said we are to love our neighbors as ourselves and to treat others as we wish to be treated.
  • Love your enemies. While many Christians find it difficult to love their enemies, this is what God calls us to do when he says, “Love your neighbor (your enemy) as yourself” (Matthew 22:39). It’s easy for us to love people who are kind and loving toward us; however, if we want our relationship with God to grow deeper, then we have no choice but to love those who do not treat us well or act against our interests—even if they are family members or close friends!
  • Give food to the hungry and drink water from streams (Isaiah 58:10-11). Some ways that you can help others include providing meals for homeless people by volunteering at shelters or soup kitchens; donating groceries; sharing food through social media campaigns like #FoodBank4All; gathering clothing at church drop-off locations in order give new clothes away so families can stay warm during winter months without spending money on heating bills; assisting someone who has a medical emergency such as donating blood—or even just taking time out of your day each week instead going shopping because sometimes that means more than any tangible good could ever bring someone else’s life.”
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You can get closer to God by practicing things that the Bible says we should do

While we can only know about God through the Bible and what God has revealed to us, we can still learn how to get closer to God as a Christian by practicing things that the Bible says we should do.

The first thing you need to know is that the best way for you to get closer to God and please him is by doing what he said in his word, which is called following his commandments or obeying him. In order for us humans who have sinned against our Creator (Adam and Eve) in the Garden of Eden (Genesis chapter 3) back then after they ate from The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil which was forbidden fruit or food according to what God had told them beforehand – have become our enemies due because they did not listen when he gave them advice on how not eat from this tree). We should ask ourselves whether it’s possible at all because those people weren’t given any choice but eat from those trees even though they knew it was wrong!


We hope this article was a blessing to you, and it can help you get closer to God as a Christian. As you move forward on your journey, we encourage you to keep your eyes open for opportunities to share

the Good News with others in need of it as well. When we tell others about Christ’s great love for them, they are blessed too! This not only strengthens our walk with God by encouraging us with His Word but builds up

the body of Christ through fellowship with brothers and sisters in Jesus. We pray that, as Christians, we all grow closer daily in our relationships with the Lord and each other!

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