What Does The Bible Say About Masturbation?

Understanding God’s Design for Sexuality Sexuality is a beautiful and intimate gift from God, designed to be expressed within the boundaries of a committed marital relationship. It is a unique aspect of our humanity that allows for deep emotional connection, the potential for procreation, and the experience of pleasure. In the book of Genesis, we … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Prayer

What Is Prayer? What is prayer? Well, it’s not just a conversation with God. It’s more than that. Prayer is about worshipping God and listening to what he has to say to us. Prayer is also about asking for things we think we need or want, but most importantly, it’s about giving thanks for all … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Rape

When You Are Raped, It Is Not Your Fault. You Are Not Damaged Goods. The Bible makes clear that you are not damaged goods, ruined, or any less valuable. You have not lost your value by being raped. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and no one has the right to violate … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Friendship

A Friend Loves at All Times, and A Brother Is Born for Adversity. Two Are Better than One Because They Have a Good Reward for Their Labor. “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor.” For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. “But woe to him … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Abortion

What Does The Bible Say About Abortion The Bible is clear that abortion is the ending of life and not merely a pregnancy. God created all living things and has the right to take that life away. The question then arises: Is there anything in scripture that condones abortion? The answer depends on who you … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About The Blood Moon?

The blood moon is a natural phenomenon that has captured the imagination of people for centuries. Some believe that it is a sign of the end times, while others believe that it is simply a coincidence. In this article, we will explore what the Bible actually says about the blood moon and what it means … Read more