Pastor Matt Chandler Village Church Acts 29 Reasons For Leave

Acts 29 Asks Pastor Matt Chandler to Step Away From Speaking Engagements

Pastor Matt Chandler, the lead pastor of Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, took a leave of absence from his ministry in response to reports that he was sending inappropriate text messages to a woman. Although Chandler says the woman was aware of his communications, church leaders said the messages were frequent, familiar and had a “crude” sex-themed tone.

Acts 29 asks him to step aside from speaking engagements

Acts 29 has asked Pastor Matt Chandler to step aside from speaking engagements following allegations regarding his behavior on social media. The church’s board of elders reviewed Chandler’s messaging history and found that it was troubling and should have been investigated. The church is committed to holding its leaders accountable for their behavior, including their social media accounts. The church’s board is requesting that Matt step aside from speaking engagements as a way to demonstrate its commitment to the highest standards of conduct.

Chandler, however, says he did nothing wrong. He says he never sent the woman messages about inappropriate topics. He also says the woman’s comments were “disorienting,” and he asks for forgiveness. The congregation applauded him for his response, but a number of Internet users took issue with Chandler’s decision. Some said there was more to the scandal than he had disclosed. Others criticized his tone.

The issue has stirred up a national conversation about clergy behavior. The search term “Matt Chandler” has even started trending nationwide on Twitter. While Chandler’s church leadership had been aware of concerns for several months, it was only when an anonymous woman approached them that the church leadership took action.

Acts 29’s decision to remove Chandler from speaking engagements is a serious blow to the church. He took over the leadership of the church in 2012 from Mark Driscoll, whose style of leadership has brought him much controversy. In addition to being the church’s pastor, Chandler is also president of Acts 29, a nonprofit organization dedicated to starting new churches.

The church’s executive director, Lindsey Eenigenburg, told USA TODAY that Chandler will step aside from speaking engagements indefinitely. She also emphasized that the “strong team” of pastors will take over Chandler’s role. The church is a Southern Baptist Convention church, one of the largest religious denominations in the country. However, it is unclear if Chandler will return to his position in the future.

Chandler voluntarily disclosed inappropriate social media messages with a woman

Pastor Matt Chandler, a conservative evangelical leader, has been questioned by his congregation after voluntarily disclosing inappropriate social media messages with a woman. While the pastor thought that he didn’t do anything wrong, his wife knew about the exchanges and was concerned. He also brought the issue to the church’s leaders. They determined that the communications were too frequent and too familiar. Regardless, Chandler has apologized and announced his leave of absence.

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The church’s elders hired an outside law firm to review the DMs and texts Chandler voluntarily disclosed. The firm found that Chandler had violated the church’s policy. Acts 29 prioritizes personal integrity in its leadership and holds its leaders to a high standard.

The investigation was conducted with money from the church’s offering plate. The church has not released the findings of the investigation. The church has not disclosed whether Chandler was paid during the six months he was on leave. The church is also keeping Chandler’s identity secret from the congregation for fear of the reaction from the congregation.

The church’s board has taken steps to protect its leaders and the public from the scandal. The church’s social media policy says that pastors must not engage in inappropriate communications with people. Chandler was the lead pastor of The Village Church in Dallas for nearly a decade. He also served as president of the Acts 29 church planting network. The board also requested an independent law firm to review the messages Chandler had sent to the woman. The report found that Chandler violated the church’s social media policy.

Matt Chandler should rescind his statement, apologize to Karen Chandler and the victims of his alleged sexual misconduct, and resign from the megachurch. The church should also suspend Chandler from membership, and he should be removed from all positions related to the church.

Chandler says he was embarrassed by his conduct

Pastor Matt Chandler of The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, has been the focus of controversy over his recent behavior. He apologized to the congregation on Sunday and has hired a law firm to review his messages. However, there has been no confirmation of the accusations, which are based on anonymous accounts. The Village Church has a history of promoting conservative, strict Reformed theology. The group also believes that men and women have different roles in the church.

While he said he did not believe in sexual harassment, he was embarrassed by his behavior. The church elders decided that his conduct was inappropriate and put him on indefinite leave. He has not returned to preach. However, he did thank his congregation and elders for allowing him to serve in their ministry.

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Matt Chandler, the lead pastor of The Village Church, recently apologized for inappropriately messaging a woman via social media. Although the messages were not sexual or romantic, he admitted to feeling embarrassed and stupid. The elders of The Village Church suggested that he take a leave of absence. This was agreed upon by Chandler.

Chandler also apologized to Karen Hinkley, a former member of The Village Church. She recently divorced her husband, who had a history of using child porn. The incident violated the mission agency’s child safety protection policy. She had attended the Village Church for years.

Village Church is part of the Acts 29 Network, a denomination that promotes complementarian theology. This belief views men and women in different roles and can lead to suspicion about close friendships between men and women. Chandler apologized to his church and to his congregation, but he has also resigned from speaking engagements with Acts 29. The Dallas-based church has a Flower Mound location and draws more than 4,000 people a week.

Chandler says he is a brain cancer survivor

It’s been a year since the cancer diagnosis. In the beginning, Chandler had no idea he had cancer, so he just prayed that his hair would grow back. But he soon discovered that he had a mass in his right frontal lobe. In his sermon the next Sunday, he said that he is now a cancer survivor.

When he was first diagnosed, Chandler was 35. He has said he asked God only once: “Why me?” Since then, his faith has helped him survive this trying time. He believes his life is in God’s hands and he needs to make the most of his brain, utilize technology and pray for healing.

Chandler underwent several treatments, including 18 months of chemotherapy and radiation. He also had regular MRIs to monitor his progress. In 2013, Chandler was featured in a Christian Post article about his battle with cancer. His message is based on orthodox biblical Christianity. He believes that family and morality are central to the Christian faith. He stayed faithful to his faith throughout the treatment process, preaching and teaching as he continued to fight the disease.

In 2002, Chandler became the pastor of Highland Village First Baptist Church, which had an average attendance of 160. Since then, the church has grown to more than 14,000 members. Chandler was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009 and declared cancer-free in 2010. He now leads the Acts 29 Network, which includes more than 400 churches across the United States and around the world.

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Chandler says that the Lord has been good to him and has protected him from the worst. He has gone through a difficult marriage, a battle with brain cancer and all sorts of other trials in life. He says he would be nowhere without God’s help. God intervened in his life through the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Chandler’s family is in your prayers

If you have been following the Southern Baptist Convention for any length of time, you’re aware of the scandal involving pastor Matt Chandler. The pastor is currently on indefinite leave because of inappropriate online conversations with a woman he was not married to. The incident has come to light at a time when the denomination has focused on issues of child sexual abuse and marital infidelity. Chandler has admitted to inappropriate messaging and has discussed the matter with church elders and a fellow pastor.

While this situation is very delicate and sensitive, it’s important for the entire church to support the Chandler family. This will allow them to get the support they need as they work through this difficult time. You can also pray for their safety. Please consider Matt’s family in your prayers.

Please keep Matt Chandler and his family in your prayers as they recover from the surgery that is scheduled for Friday afternoon. Matt and his family are confident in God’s healing power, and they will be back on their feet soon. Your prayers will enable Matt to recover and lead the church to a prosperous future.


The Village Church is a church in Flower Mound, Texas. Its elders are concerned that Chandler was not living up to his calling by modeling an “above reproach” lifestyle. They have provided him an opportunity to correct his actions and lead a life that reflects the values of Christ.

Acts 29 has asked Mr. Chandler to resign from speaking engagements. They want to make sure that he is meeting the expectations of the church’s elders before they allow him to return. They hope that he returns to lead Acts 29 for another 20 years.

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