What Does the Number 3 Represent in The Bible?

The number 3 in the bible has been said to represent so many things. However, among others we’ve found that the number 3 represents: Completeness, Oneness or wholeness and also represents Process and Results. We can see this in the trinity (God the Father, Son and Spirit), we can see this in we humans as well in Spirit, Soul and Body. We can see this completeness makes up a single day where Morning, Afternoon, and Night are processes.

If you make your research well, you will find out that in many cases in scripture, the number 3 could be found as completeness, process, and oneness. As process, God dealt with the Isrealites in the old testament, Jesus coming brought about the new testament and the Holy Spirit rules the latter days. We will look further in detail the significance and symbolism of the number 3 in the bible.

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The result of a union

God Has Three Favourite Numbers: 1, 2, and 3

The number 3 is found throughout the Bible and has a variety of meanings depending on its context. In the Old Testament, it is often used as a symbol of completeness, representing the threefold nature of God. The Trinity is perhaps the best example of this, as it is composed of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

The number 3 is also used to represent a triad of other important concepts in the Bible, such as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is also used to refer to the three aspects of man: spirit, soul, and body. In Christianity, it symbolizes the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and the importance of the trinity in Christianity.

Also, the number 3 is a symbol of resurrection and new life, as Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his death. This concept of resurrection is very important to Christians, as it is seen as a demonstration of God’s love and power.

The LORD called Samuel a third time, and Samuel got up and went to Eli and said, “Here I am; you called me.” Then Eli realized that the LORD was calling the boy. So Eli told Samuel, “Go and lie down, and if he calls you, say, `Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.

A story before the beginning

The Number one represents a figure. He God. Amazingly, one figure, possesses three personalities: the trinity. Just as we see in humans. To better understand this concept, let’s take a look at a story before Genesis 1 (the very beginning). God creates this beautiful place, called it heaven. With every creature in it, He designed it and gave each creature a purpose. God is a God of purpose.

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Because He is God of light, He made a special creature that bears light or light bringer. We were told that this creature in heaven was lucifer, son of the morning. Isa 14:12. And because of how highly placed he was, he began to covet the power that did gave him light. John the Baptist that bear the announcement of the King Jesus, also shared same fate but although In his case, he began to doubt the king and soon had his head on a plate.

That great dragon (lucifer) now called Satan, the old serpent was cast out. Revelation 12:8-9. But now, look closely. He was cast into the darkness. Two things existed in the beginning we were told. Light and darkness. Heaven was full of God’s Glory (Light), however, the “Earth” was found darkness. Earth here, was empty and void (note, not our “earth”) as Genesis 1:1 states. Our earth was created alongside the solar systems.

We are now moving into what does the number 2 represent in the bible. When there was a fall from heaven, God decided to create a lesser being that will glorify Him and so he created the man. (Take note of the following statement: Every creator has a complementor and if this complementor falls from grace, becomes a manipulator. An example, a producer produces songs and afterwards, if his songs becomes abusive, it hunts him down). Satan became a manipulator and is still one till date. And so is hunting down God’s work. We can find this Creator-Complementor relationship even to the deeper parts of the unseen things (the heart and soul relationship) series here of which I am willing to shed more light on.

So, we were told God made the animals in pair but to Adam was found no mate of his own. This was found of him to be burdensome and not good. Do you think God didn’t know this? He did. There was a reason. But now, Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 “[9] Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. [10] For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him”.

The number two in the bible represents Union (Mark 10:6-9) male and female, Production or new birth (Eccl 4:9) (2 Cor 5:17) the birth of a child, a result or happening. A Day and Night produces another day. Lastly, the number two represents balance (Eccl 3:1-11).

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The number 3 hence, represents completion, oneness or process discussed earlier. (Eccl 4:12.)

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Bible Instances Where the Number 3 Finds Expression

The number 3 appears throughout the Bible in many ways and contexts. In the Old Testament, the number 3 is seen in the Creation account, as God commanded the earth to bring forth vegetation in three stages (Genesis 1:11-13). The number 3 is also seen in Abraham’s journey to Mount Moriah, to offer up his son Isaac, where he was joined by two servants (Genesis 22:3-4). In the New Testament, the number 3 is seen in Jesus’ three-day resurrection (Matthew 28:1-6). Jesus was also betrayed three times by Judas Iscariot (Mark 14:43-45).

Furthermore, Jesus’ three-fold question to Peter: “Do you love me?” (John 21:17) is also used as a reminder of the importance of faithfulness and love towards God. Finally, the number 3 is seen as a symbol of completeness as it is used in the phrase “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,” which is a common way to refer to the Holy Trinity.

Other Instances

In the book of Exodus, God commanded Moses to make 3 altars: one to burn sacrifices, one to offer incense, and one to sprinkle the blood of the sacrifices. Similarly, the Israelites had 3 great feasts – Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles.

The number 3 is also seen in the parable of the talents, in which a master gave his servants 3 talents to invest. Those who had wisely invested their talents were rewarded, while those who had not were punished.


The number 3 is an important symbolic number in the Bible, as it symbolizes several different things. In the Old Testament, it often symbolizes the idea of completeness, such as in the creation story. God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th, making the number 7 a symbol of completion. The number 3 is also seen as a symbol of the Trinity, with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit making up the three parts of the Divine.

In the New Testament, the number 3 is often seen as a symbol of resurrection, as Jesus rose from death on the third day. Furthermore, the number 3 is associated with several miracles of Jesus, such as the 3 baskets of leftover bread after his feeding of the 5,000, and the 3 days he spent in the tomb before being resurrected.

The number 3 is thus a powerful symbol in the Bible, representing both completeness and resurrection.

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How to Apply The Symbolic Number 3 in our Daily Lives

The number 3 has a deep spiritual meaning in the Bible, and it can be used to guide us in our daily lives. In the Bible, 3 is the number of the trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This trinity is a powerful reminder of the unity and strength that can be found in the divine being. You life is a process, you have childhood days, youthful age and old age. however to a process exist two ends, life and death. 1 is a whole number of that process, 2 and 3 exists within. What will you do with 1? find 1?

The number 3 also symbolizes completeness. In the book of Genesis, God creates the universe in 3 days. This is a reminder that divine perfection is complete, and the same can be applied to our lives. As humans, we must strive for perfection in all that we do. If your life does not look or seem complete, its a matter of time but have you defined 1? cos, without that 3 cannot work!

The number 3 also symbolizes growth. In the Bible, Jesus performs 3 miracles and Jesus is resurrected on the 3rd day. This is a reminder that even in times of difficulty, growth and development are still possible if we are willing to put in the effort. If you were given 3 slots in your life right now to change, which will it be? Are they predefined to number 1?

These 3 symbolic meanings can be used to guide us in our daily lives. We can strive for unity, completeness, and growth in all that we do. We can strive for a perfect balance between our divine and human natures, and find strength in the knowledge that we are all connected. We can also seek out opportunities to grow, even in difficult times, and find joy in our pursuits.


The number 3 carries a great significance in the Bible, and it is often used to denote the sacred trinity of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Additionally, it symbolizes divine perfection and completion, as evidenced by the three members of the Holy Trinity and the three-part structure of the Creation story. It serves as a reminder of God’s power and omnipotence, and His ever-present nature in the lives of His people. The number 3 is also associated with new life, growth, and resurrection in many Christian teachings, as well as the promise of eternal life. Ultimately, it is a reminder of God’s love, mercy, and grace.

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