Whatever You Decree on Earth Shall Be Established in Heaven (Detailed Explanation)

The phrase “whatever you decree on earth shall be established in heaven” is a powerful statement that carries significant spiritual implications. As believers, it is important for us to understand the meaning behind this statement and how it relates to our daily lives. This blog post will explore the various aspects of this phrase, including the meaning behind binding and loosing, the creative power of our words, and how we can align our decrees with God’s will.

Understanding The Phrase “Whatever You Bind on Earth Shall Be Bound in Heaven” Meaning

In Matthew 18:15-20, Jesus instructs his disciples on how to handle sin within the church community. He tells them that if a fellow believer sins against them, they should first go to that person privately and seek reconciliation. If the person does not listen, they should involve one or two others as witnesses to help resolve the issue. If the person still refuses to repent, the matter should be brought before the entire church. It is in this context that Jesus says, “Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 18:18 ESV).

So, what does it mean to “bind” something on earth? It means to declare or treat something as forbidden or prohibited. In this case, when the disciples, acting on behalf of the church, make a decision regarding the sin of a fellow believer, that decision is supported and validated by the authority of heaven. The actions taken on earth have spiritual significance and consequences in the heavenly realm.

Conversely, when something is “loosed” on earth, it means to declare it as permissible or lawful. The disciples, guided by the principles of love, forgiveness, and restoration, have the authority to release someone from the spiritual bond of sin and grant them freedom and forgiveness. Again, this decision is backed by the authority of heaven.

Understanding The Phrase “Whatever You Loose on Earth Shall Be Loosed in Heaven” Meaning

The phrase “whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” is also found in Matthew 18:18. It refers to the power to release someone from a spiritual bond or obligation. As disciples of Jesus, we have been given the authority to declare freedom, forgiveness, and restoration to others. By extending grace and forgiveness to those who repent and seek reconciliation, we align ourselves with God’s heart and release His redemptive power into their lives. Through our words and actions, we can bring the assurance of God’s forgiveness and restoration to those in need.

Understanding the Meaning of Whatever You Decree Shall Be Established

The phrase “whatever you decree shall be established” highlights the power of our words. In the book of Genesis, we learn that God spoke the world into existence. His words carried creative power and brought about the manifestation of His will. Similarly, our words have the potential to shape our reality and establish heavenly principles in our lives and circumstances.

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When we make a decree, we are making a firm declaration or proclamation with the expectation that it will come to pass. Our words, spoken in alignment with God’s will and purposes, carry authority and can bring about the desired outcome. By decreeing God’s promises, we are aligning ourselves with His truth and inviting His intervention and manifestation in our lives.

The Connection Between Binding, Loosing, and Decreeing

The concepts of binding, loosing, and decreeing are interconnected and reflect the authority and power we have as believers. When we bind something on earth, we declare it as forbidden or prohibited, aligning ourselves with God’s standards and principles. This can involve confronting and addressing sin, both in our own lives and within the community of believers.

Conversely, when we loose something on earth, we declare it as permissible or lawful, extending God’s grace, forgiveness, and restoration to others. This involves releasing people from the bondage of sin, offering them freedom and the opportunity to experience God’s love and mercy.

Decreeing, on the other hand, involves making authoritative declarations or proclamations in accordance with God’s will. By speaking forth His promises and aligning our words with His truth, we create an atmosphere of faith and invite His power to bring about the desired outcome.

In essence, our words have the power to bind or loose things in the spiritual realm. Therefore, it is crucial for us to speak in alignment with God’s will, using our words to bring about His purposes and establish His kingdom on earth.

The King James Interpretation

The King James Version translation of Matthew 18:18 states, “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” This translation emphasizes the fact that the decisions and actions we take on earth are already recognized and supported by the authority of heaven. When we bind or loose something on earth, we are operating in alignment with God’s will and invoking His power to bring about the corresponding result in the spiritual realm.

The Catholic Interpretation

In the Catholic Church, the phrase “whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven” is closely related to the sacrament of confession. According to Catholic teaching, when a person confesses their sins to a priest and receives absolution, their sins are forgiven and they are loosed from the spiritual bond of sin. The priest, acting as a representative of the Church, has the authority to bind or loose sins based on the person’s confession and contrition.

Furthermore, the authority to bind and loose is also recognized in the role of the pope and the bishops within the Catholic Church. They have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the Church, interpret doctrine, and exercise disciplinary action when necessary. The understanding is that their decisions on earth are bound by the authority of heaven, and therefore, they are acting in accordance with God’s will and guidance.

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In summary, the phrases “whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven” and “whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” convey the authority given to believers to make decisions, address sin, extend forgiveness, and release people from spiritual bondage. Our words and actions have significant spiritual implications, and when aligned with God’s will, they carry the power to establish His purposes on earth and bring about transformation in the lives of individuals and communities.

The Authority of the Believer

Believers are entrusted with a remarkable authority given by God Himself. This authority allows us to operate in partnership with Him, aligning our words and actions with His divine will. By understanding and embracing the power behind the statement, “Whatever you decree on Earth shall be established in Heaven,” we unlock a world of possibilities.

Tapping into Spiritual Principles

To fully grasp the depth of this concept, we need to explore the spiritual principles that underpin it. By delving into the following aspects, we can unlock a deeper understanding of the power of decree and its practical application in our lives.

Divine Partnership in Creation

God, in His infinite wisdom, designed humans as His partners in the unfolding of His plans on Earth. He has entrusted us with the authority to participate in the creative process by aligning our words with His intentions. Just as God spoke the world into existence in the book of Genesis, our words have the potential to shape our reality and establish heavenly principles in our lives and circumstances.

The Creative Power of Words

Words possess incredible creative power. Throughout the Bible, we see the significance of words in bringing about transformation and change. For example, Proverbs 18:21 states, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Our words have the ability to speak life, blessings, and God’s truth into existence, or they can bring about negativity and destruction. By recognizing the creative power of our words, we can intentionally align them with God’s will, bringing forth His purposes in our lives.

Aligning with God’s Will

The effectiveness of our decrees depends on aligning our words with God’s will. To do this, we must seek His guidance through prayer and study of His Word. As we spend time in communion with Him, we gain insight into His desires for us and can confidently speak forth declarations that align with His heart. By aligning our words with His will, we invite His power and authority to manifest in our lives.

Practical Application of Decree

Understanding the principles behind decreeing is only the beginning. To unleash its power in our lives, we need to put it into practical action. Here are some key considerations for applying the principle of decree effectively.

Declare God’s Promises

Decreeing involves boldly declaring God’s promises over our lives. By meditating on His Word and identifying the promises that align with our specific situations, we can proclaim them with confidence and expectancy. For instance, if we are facing financial difficulties, we can declare God’s promise from Philippians 4:19, “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” By declaring this promise, we align ourselves with God’s provision and open the door for His blessings to flow into our lives.

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Speak with Authority and Faith

When decreeing, it is crucial to speak with authority and unwavering faith. Our words carry weight in the spiritual realm, and they have the power to bring about change. We must speak with confidence, knowing that God’s power is backing our declarations. For example, when facing a challenging situation, we can declare with authority and faith, “In the name of Jesus, I declare victory and breakthrough over this circumstance. I believe that God is working on my behalf, and His purposes will prevail.”

Consistency and Perseverance

Consistency and perseverance are key in the practice of decreeing. We must maintain a consistent confession of God’s promises, even in the face of challenges or delays. We trust in God’s faithfulness and continue to decree His truth until we see the manifestation. It is essential to persist in declaring His promises and not waver in our faith. As we remain steadfast, we position ourselves to receive the fulfillment of what we have declared.

The Impact of Decrees on Our Lives

When we embrace the power of decree and align our words with God’s will, we can expect transformational effects in various areas of our lives. Here are some ways in which decree can make a significant impact.

Spiritual Breakthrough and Growth

Decreeing ushers in spiritual breakthroughs and fosters personal growth. As we declare God’s promises and align our words with His truth, we position ourselves to receive divine revelation, wisdom, and an increased capacity to walk in His purposes. Our spiritual journey deepens, and we experience a closer connection with God as we declare His truth and invite His presence into our lives.

Healing and Restoration

Decreeing can release healing and restoration in our lives. By speaking God’s promises of health, wholeness, and restoration over our bodies, relationships, and circumstances, we activate His power to bring about transformation and renewal. Just as Jesus spoke healing and restoration into the lives of those He encountered, we can speak words of healing and restoration into our own lives and the lives of others.

Overcoming Obstacles

Through decree, we can overcome obstacles and conquer challenges. By boldly declaring God’s promises of victory, strength, and wisdom, we invite His supernatural intervention to remove barriers and lead us into triumph. Our words, infused with God’s power, become a powerful force that dismantles the obstacles in our path and opens the way for His breakthrough.

Walking in Alignment with Heaven

When we understand and practice the power of decree, we walk in alignment with Heaven’s purposes for our lives. Our words become a conduit for God’s will, establishing His plans and bringing His kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Through consistent practice, unwavering faith, and a deep understanding of His Word, we can unlock the full potential of decree and experience the manifestation of Heaven’s blessings in our earthly journey.


Understanding the concepts of binding, loosing, and decreeing is important in order to use our words and actions in alignment with God’s will. Whether in the context of resolving conflict, forgiving sins, or making decisions for the church, we must always be mindful of the authority that we have been given and use it with humility and discernment.

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