10 Biblical Studies Degree Online

Are you working on getting a Biblical Studies degree online? If so, that’s great! You’re already making a step in the right direction. But, if you’re just starting out and don’t know what to look for when choosing a program, there are some things you should be aware of before enrolling in an online Biblical Studies degree.

In order to earn your Biblical Studies Degree online, you will take faith-based courses that will help you understand theology, philosophy, and how to apply what you’ve learnt in your daily life.

A biblical studies degree online can open the door to a variety of different careers. Whether you are looking for a career as a pastor, an attorney, or teacher, an education in class can help. If you are considering getting your BA in Bible, here are 10 biblical studies degree online available to you.

Baptist College of Florida

As an accredited Christian college run by the Florida Baptist Convention, The Baptist College of Florida is located in Graceville, Florida. At the college, associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees are available. For students who have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies and want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in a related field, BCU offers an online Bachelor’s degree program.

  • Average cost after aid: $8,511
  • The program has a 65% graduation rate
  • 85.5% acceptance
  • A 5-mile drive from Graceville.
  • Number of students: 338

Biblical Studies Program at Baptist College of Florida:

You will learn how to understand biblical passages using hermeneutical skills if you choose to major in Biblical Studies. This will be beneficial to you whether you choose to pursue doctoral studies in Biblical Studies or work in a ministry setting after graduation.

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Trinity College of Bible and Theology

Trinity College of the Bible transitioned into an institution that only offered education via distant learning in 1978, positioning it to capitalize on the upcoming revolution in online education. There are no classes offered on site as the institution focuses only on providing education via the internet. Trinity is recognized by ABHE and has a lengthy history, despite the fact that it is not regionally accredited (their difficulties in obtaining regional accreditation are well documented).


Four different online degrees are offered by Trinity: associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral.

  • Theology and Biblical Studies
  • Christ-Centered Counseling
  • Practical Ministry.
  • Integrated Apologetic

There are many different areas of concentration that can be pursued, such as Digital Ministry and Prison Chaplaincy. The tuition at Trinity is quite inexpensive, and the school has a sizable and active alumni and partner network.


$176 per credit (undergraduate)

$206 (graduate programs)

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Ecclesia College

Ecclesia College in Springdale is well-known for its combination of education in the workplace and in community service with more conventional classroom instruction. Students at Ecclesia are expected to participate in on-campus employment in order to contribute to the operation and upkeep of the institution. In exchange, they make money that they can put toward the cost of their education, and the institution saves money, which allows it to keep tuition costs at a manageable level.

Because of this, Ecclesia is in a position to provide its online students with a reduced tuition fee. As a consequence of this, it is simple to obtain a degree from Ecclesia without going into debt. Ecclesia offers degree programs of varying lengths, from two years to four years, in a number of different subject areas. These subjects include, but are not limited to, Biblical Studies, Biblical Leadership, and Business Administration. As a result of an arrangement between Ecclesia and the state of Arkansas, students at Ecclesia have the ability to transfer their academic credits to any of the state’s public universities. Because of its dependability and high standards, Ecclesia comes highly recommended by our team.

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$266 per credit (associate and bachelor levels)

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Moody Bible Institute

Moody Bible Institute, which was established in 1889, is often considered to be the most prestigious college of its sort. The Moody Bible Institute is considered by many to be the prototype of a bible college because it was the first institution to offer an evangelical education that was based on the Bible. Additionally, it was the first institution to offer distance education programs via postal correspondence in the year 1901, and it was also among the first to establish standards for adult education and online education. The campus of the Moody Bible Institute seminary can be found in close proximity to the bustling city of Chicago. While Moody Theological Seminary runs a satellite campus in Plymouth, Michigan, Moody Aviation runs a flight school in Spokane, Washington. Both of these institutions are owned and operated by Moody.

The Moody Institute is able to innovate in large part due to the fact that they have both regional accreditation (which grants them secular legitimacy) and an evangelical reputation; in other words, they offer students of the bible the best of both worlds. The Moody Bible Institute provides a wide variety of associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs that can be completed entirely online. Some of these programs include Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, and Ministry Leadership. Prospective online students should strongly choose Moody University due to its competitive tuition rate as well as its strong reputation in both secular and evangelical communities. You can read our article on best colleges in the world.


$320 per credit (undergraduate programs)

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Mid-America Christian University

Before relocating to its current location in Oklahoma in 1985, Mid-America Christian University was founded in 1973 as Gulf Coast Christian College in Houston, Texas. It was there that it began its ascent to become one of the most well-known and recognized Christian colleges, a university that is regionally accredited, and a pioneer in Christian online education. This university, which is linked with the Church of God, is currently one of the universities that is expanding the quickest among its peers.

MACU provides a plethora of online degree programs that are tailored to meet the educational needs of non-traditional, online students who are working adults. They offer numerous programs in other fields, such as criminal justice, public relations, and business, including a highly regarded online MBA program. Of course, one of their strengths is the bachelor’s and master’s degrees that they offer in Christian Ministry; this is one of their primary areas of concentration. Because many of Mid-America Christian University’s online degrees are offered and administered through the university’s Adult Schools, these programs are ideal for working adults who wish to further their education while maintaining their current employment status.


$383-476 per credit

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Barclay College

Barclay College is a fairly tiny institution that is affiliated with the Society of Friends (Quakers). Although it is known for its degrees in biblical studies and ministry, the college is progressively extending the range of programs that it provides. Barclay College was established in 1917 and has undergone many transformations since then; however, it has maintained a biblically-based and evangelical worldview, making it appealing not only to Quaker students but also to students from a wide variety of religious backgrounds who are seeking bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

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At this time, only bachelor’s degrees are available through Barclay’s entirely online learning platform. Students have the option of pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry Leadership, Business Management, or Psychology. In addition, they can earn an Associate of Arts in General Studies or one of numerous certificates. Barclay College has been accredited by the ABHE every year since 1975. The school is known for having a cheap tuition rate and highlighting its attention and assistance for students, both on-campus (tuition is eliminated for all students who reside on campus) and online.


$395 per credit

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Grace Christian University

The Grace Gospel Fellowship is connected to Grace Christian University. Grace Christian University. Grace College is a Christian institution that may be found in Wyoming, Michigan. This particular bible school is authorized to provide associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degrees because it possesses accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission as well as the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

Leadership and Ministry, Business, and Human Services are the three primary subject areas that are covered in Grace’s online associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs. Students enrolled in the program leading to a bachelor’s degree have the option of pursuing additional specialization in one of a dozen distinct areas, such as Church Planting, Criminal Justice, Women’s or Youth Ministry, and many more. Students who choose to receive their biblical education online will find that Grace University offers a trustworthy value due to its extensive history, affordable tuition, and regional accreditation.


$395 per credit (undergraduate programs)

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The King’s University

The King’s University is just 20 years old, yet it has already grown to become one of the most influential seminaries in the United States. It began in Los Angeles, but it has since expanded to campuses in Dallas, Texas, and other places. The King’s University, which can be found in the Dallas neighborhood of Southlake, is rooted in the Evangelical religion and service, and it prepares students for careers in ministry as well as professional employment with faith at the center of their work.

TKU has established itself as a frontrunner among online educational institutions of its kind by making a large number of its bachelor’s and master’s degrees available to be completed entirely online. Many Christian Ministry, Biblical Counseling, and Biblical Studies are some of the online bachelor’s degrees offered by TKU. The university also provides online master’s degrees in both in both Practical Theology and Divinity. The King’s University boasts one of the most reasonable tuition prices among small, private Christian universities, with credits costing only $415 each. This, combined with the university’s widespread support within the Christian community and its reputation for excellence, makes TKU a proven value.


$415 per credit

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Lancaster Bible College

In 1933, Lancaster Bible College became a part of the massive movement that began in the early 20th century that resulted in the establishment of numerous bible colleges. Lancaster, which was once just a small bible school, has developed into a big player in the market for bible colleges. It now has extension campuses in a number of different states, including Washington, Indiana, Florida, and numerous more, in addition to a growing online presence. The Lancaster Bible College is a model for other bible colleges due to its size and regional accreditation. It is also unusually large for a bible college.

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Although they are also offered at Lancaster’s various extension campuses and their main campus in Pennsylvania, Lancaster’s accelerated bachelor programs include Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in areas such as Biblical Studies, Business, and Human Services; associate’s degrees are also available. Lancaster’s online programs are designed as accelerated bachelor completion degrees for working adults. Because of Lancaster University’s accelerated structure, students can get their bachelor’s degree in as little as 15 months, making it an efficient and cost-effective option.


$430 per credit (accelerated bachelor’s)

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Nazarene Bible College

The Church of the Nazarene is the sponsoring organization for the relatively modest Colorado Springs, Colorado-based Nazarene Bible College. Nazarene Bible College is one of only ten Nazarene universities in the United States. As a result, the majority of its students are Nazarenes preparing for ministry within the church; nevertheless, students from a wide variety of other denominations are also enrolled there. In recent years, Nazarene Bible College has made major strides in elevating its profile through the implementation of online degree programs. The college is recognized by the United States Department of Education but does not hold regional accreditation.

On-campus and 100 percent online study options are both available for bachelor’s degree students at Nazarene Bible College (except for Christian Counseling; an equivalent, Counseling for Christian Ministries, is available exclusively online). Bible and Theology, Christian Educational Ministries, Pastoral Leadership, and a variety of other fields are all available as Bachelor of Arts degrees. The price of attendance at Nazarene Bible College, which is only $450 per credit, is quite reasonable and meets the requirements for ministry in the Church of the Nazarene.


$450 per credit (undergraduate programs)

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Dallas Theological Seminary

The Dallas Theological Seminary, much like the Moody Bible Institute, is an institution that plays a significant role in the history of American Evangelicalism. It is both one of the most prominent educational establishments (it was Chuck Swindoll and David Jeremiah’s alma mater) and a highly influential center for theological study. Dispensationalism, premillennialism, and the inerrancy of the Bible are key tenets of contemporary Evangelical doctrine, and DTS was essential in the development and dissemination of these ideas.

It is important to note that Dallas Theological Seminary does not provide online undergraduate degrees; however, it does provide a number of highly regarded master’s degrees that can be completed entirely online. These include a Certificate of Graduate Studies, a Master of Biblical and Theological Studies (which is a professional degree for businesspeople and lay leaders), and a Master of Arts in Christian Studies (for in-depth biblical and theological study). In addition, you can get a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership through a hybrid program that blends on-campus and online learning. Because of the reputation that DTS has earned in the Christian community, it is currently the most reputable biblical studies resource available online.


$515 per credit (graduate programs)

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An online Biblical studies program gives students the chance to study religion and the Bible from the comfort of home. An accredited online Biblical studies program can be an excellent option for anyone hoping to study religion and theology. While programs differ, many offer a wide range of relevant courses, such as Introduction to the Old Testament, New Testament Gospels and Acts, and Prophets in the Ancient Near East that teach pertinent information while exposing students to different viewpoints.

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