What Does Church Membership Entail?


As a Member of The Church, What Are Your Contributions?

Members of the church are accountable for receiving the ordinances and blessings of the gospel, repenting of their sins, and following Jesus Christ. Each member should be baptized by immersion in water and confirmed as a member of Christ’s Church by one having the Melchizedek Priesthood through the ordinance of confirmation. Members of the church are encouraged, but not compelled, to pay tithing as an expression of thankfulness for God’s benefits. However, there are numerous more ways members can serve or donate time or effort…

Why Is Church Membership Important

As a church member, you are required to participate in a variety of ways. You are expected to frequently attend meetings and pay tithes and other offerings. To be an active member of the church, one must accept these responsibilities voluntarily and not neglect them. The Lord has promised blessings to those who pay their tithes and fulfill their covenants with Him with integrity.

What Is Expected of Church Members?

Members of the Church are required to set an exemplary example. You must abide by the laws of the land, including any local laws or ordinances that apply to you. You should avoid doing anything wrong, such as committing crimes or using illegal substances. In addition to observing the commandments and leading a virtuous life, you should always be truthful in your interactions with others. This involves being truthful with yourself about your actions and reasons so that you may make sound judgments based on the truth as opposed to lies or half-truths.

It is also important that members remain faithful in their marriages and families by keeping promises made at marriage ceremonies (such as tithing), remaining faithful spouses who support each other through thick and thin (even if it means giving up certain things like education), raising children according to gospel standards so that they will become responsible adults who contribute positively to the well-being of society rather than negatively affecting it; and taking care of their own health. So, what does church membership entail?

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Individual Salvation

Individual salvation is the top priority of all Church members. We believe that Christ’s atoning sacrifice cleanses us from sin and makes it possible for us to return to God’s presence provided we obey His rules and ordinances. We refer to this as “salvation.”

The Bible teaches that salvation is universal, that is, no one is excluded from its promise of resurrection and eternal life (1 Corinthians 15:22). Additionally, it teaches that individual work is important to our salvation. Each individual is responsible for deciding whether to accept or reject the Savior’s redemptive power and mercy, despite the fact that no one may claim more than his or her own agency as a basis for salvation.

Family Blessings

Blessing your family members, whether they are children or adults, is an important way to express your love and support. As a member of the church, you may be asked to administer family blessings for a baptized friend or family member who is ready to receive a blessing. You may also be asked to deliver a blessing for a family member who is preparing for baptism but has not yet been baptized.

The recipient of a family blessing receives a special prayer from their priesthood holder that will aid them on their life’s journey and guide them through adversity.

Remember that performing family blessings does not require special training; anyone with the Melchizedek Priesthood can do so as long as he follows correct procedure and scriptural guidelines.

Service to Others

Serving others is one way to serve God. This demonstrates both our love for God and our affection for our fellow man. By mowing your neighbor’s grass or cleaning his gutters, for instance, you demonstrate that you care about him and are eager to do something pleasant for him.

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When we serve others, we become closer to God, since He desires that we all serve one another in His name!

This verse is from the Book of Mormon: “Therefore, you must persevere in Christ with an unwavering hope…”

Helping out Others Or/and Contributing Your Time to The Church as A Member of The Church

  • Contributing to the church can take many forms. You might volunteer your time, help out where needed, or donate money, resources, expertise and ideas.
  • Volunteering is an important way of contributing to the Church. There are many opportunities for service in our wards and branches—from cleaning to nursery care—and we hope that you will make use of these opportunities when they arise.
  • The Church operates under a system of shared responsibility that requires members to contribute their time, talents and resources toward fulfilling its mission (see D&C 10:5). As you serve others through your efforts at home or at work, you demonstrate this principle. Doing so can be very rewarding spiritually as well as providing opportunities for personal growth and development (see “Service: An Important Aspect of Gospel Living”).

Responsibilities of Church Members to Their Pastor

As a member of the church, you have several responsibilities to your pastor. You should:

  • Serve your pastor.
  • Support your pastor.
  • Respect your pastor.
  • Considerate of their feelings and needs, especially if they’ve been under a lot of strain lately and are having difficulty sleeping at night because they can’t stop thinking about the people who don’t respect them or even like them very much! They’re human beings too (or at least they were before God ordained that all men be born in sinfulness) so maybe instead of complaining about how annoying it is when someone tells you something different than what’s on their mind just once every few years then go ahead and give them some space for themselves? That’s probably better than making fun of them behind their back later when no one else is around so then we can all laugh together about how dumb those two were together.”
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What Is the Responsibility of The Church?

As a member of the church, your responsibility is to:

  • Worship God. As a member of the church, you are part of a community that worships together. You will be strengthened in your faith by worshiping with other members on Sundays and participating in worship services throughout the week.
  • Strengthen others’ faith. The church is also a place where you can help others grow in their understanding and testimony of Jesus Christ as Savior and Redeemer through sharing experiences and attending activities together as families or small groups (elders quorum).
  • Receive guidance and direction for life’s journey. The gospel provides answers to many questions about how to get along better with others, what our responsibilities are as parents or family members, how we should use our talents and abilities in this life so that we can prepare ourselves for eternal life with our Father in Heaven again someday (Aaronic Priesthood).

Final Thought

Now that you know the responsibilities of church members, it’s important to remember that these are just guidelines. Some people may have a specific calling in mind for themselves that may not align with what is expected of them as members of their congregation. It’s also worth noting that there are different levels at which you can be involved or serve within a religion/church organization; from volunteering as an individual only once per month and providing gifts during holidays such as Easter/Christmas Eve (these types would be considered “Friends”) all the way up through being on staff full-time with multiple positions within one organization (such as a pastor). Whatever level suits your needs best, just make sure it works well for both parties involved!

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