Types of Vessels in the Bible

In the Bible, vessels are not merely containers; they are symbols of profound spiritual significance. From the Ark of the Covenant to the humble clay pot, these vessels whisper tales of God’s presence, abundant provision, and our role as instruments of His grace. Let us embark on a journey to uncover the rich meaning embedded … Read more

What’s the New Covenant in Jeremiah 31:31?

The New Covenant is a new beginning that God made with humanity through Jesus Christ. It is an unconditional covenant, meaning that God’s love and forgiveness are available to all people, regardless of their obedience. This is because Jesus Christ fulfilled the Old Covenant by living a perfect life and dying on the cross to … Read more

Has the Ark of Covenant Been Found?

Has the ark been found? The Ark of the Covenant is one of the most mysterious and sought-after artifacts in history. Described in the Bible as a gold-covered box containing the Ten Commandments, it is said to have been created by God himself and to be a sacred object in Judaism and Christianity. The Ark … Read more

The 12 Sins In The Bible: Myths Explained!

Have you ever felt like you’ve done something wrong, even though you didn’t mean to? Maybe you lied to someone, cheated on a test, or stole something. Or maybe you’ve just felt a sense of guilt or shame for something you’ve done. If so, you’re not alone. The concept of sin is deeply rooted in … Read more

10 Bible Verses About Addiction to Drugs

“Addiction is a complex problem that can have devastating consequences. It can ruin lives, destroy families, and tear communities apart. But there is hope. The Bible offers guidance and hope to those who are struggling with addiction.” Addiction is a chronic disease that affects millions of people around the world. It is characterized by compulsive … Read more