Can A Christian Work In Hollywood

Can A Christian Work In Hollywood


There’s nothing like being a Christian in the entertainment industry. The challenges, the frustrations and disappointments, the moral dilemmas you face every day—it can seem like Hollywood is determined to make your life difficult! But with a little determination and insight about how Hollywood works, you might be able to get through without compromising your values or ruining your career. In this article, I’ll give you five tips for navigating Hollywood as a Christian:

Section: 1. Don’t let it get personal.

Section: 2. Listen more than talk.

Section: 3. Try not to judge others’ artistic choices.

Section: 4. Be honest about what you do know and don’t know, including who God is and what he wants from people in all aspects of their lives

Section: 5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or speak up when something doesn’t make sense—just remember that “thinking differently” isn’t necessarily wrong just because it’s different from your own religious beliefs

Takeaway: If you’re someone who believes strongly in God but works within an industry where most people don’t share that faith, it can be hard at first to feel accepted by those around you who have different beliefs on things like morality or spirituality than yours do (and vice versa). However, by taking some simple steps such as these above—for example listening more than talking during conversations about religion—you may find yourself being seen less skeptically over time as an individual with integrity who brings depth and knowledge into any conversation on these topics that come up among colleagues both personally outside of work hours (such as socially) and professionally during work hours (such as when discussing scripts containing controversial plot points).

By Gaye Clark

Gaye Clark is a Christian and has worked in Hollywood for decades. She was a script analyst for Universal Studios, an agent at CAA and an executive at Paramount Pictures.


Yes, there are jobs in Hollywood that are not compromising. These jobs do not require you to sin and they are still in the industry, but they keep you out of the areas where sin is being committed.

For example, being a director of photography or gaffer on a show like NCIS or Law & Order would be a great way to make money while staying away from sinful activities like pornography or prostitution. Also working as an editor for film companies is also a good choice because you don’t need to worry about getting involved with alcohol or drugs since this job requires very little interaction with others because it usually takes place inside an editing bay at night when everyone else has gone home.

I was a little surprised that you even had to ask.

I was a little surprised that you even had to ask.

Hollywood is a place of sinful temptation and danger. It’s also a place where you can make a lot of money, if that’s what you want out of life. There are many jobs in Hollywood that do not involve sin. You could work as an accountant or an editor, for example, and avoid the temptations and dangers that come with working in film production or acting (or writing about them). You should keep this in mind as you decide whether to pursue such work: there are plenty of ways to share the good news without having to face the dangers inherent in living immersed in this world-famous center of entertainment—but if your heart is set on Hollywood and its seductions, then I hope my advice will help keep you grounded during your time here!

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Let’s turn it around and ask, “Why would a Christian work in Hollywood?”

Let’s turn it around and ask, “Why would a Christian work in Hollywood?”

There are many reasons why Christians should be involved in the film industry. First of all, Christianity is not about being perfect or flawless; it’s about being forgiven. So if you’re new to the faith and looking for a way to earn an income while staying true to your beliefs, this might be an excellent opportunity for you! You can make money doing what you love while sharing your faith with others.

Secondly, as Christians we are called to serve others by bringing glory to God through our actions and our words—and movies are an excellent way of doing just that! Films entertain people by presenting stories that reflect their lives, but they also have the potential to impact how people think and feel about certain issues (for example: racism). In fact many filmmakers want their movies’ messages not only communicated through dialogue but also visually portrayed through character development…and who better than Christians?

Well, there are plenty of jobs in the entertainment industry in which you wouldn’t encounter unsavory situations.

There are plenty of jobs in the entertainment industry that don’t involve immorality. Rather than becoming a casting director or a producer, a Christian can work behind the scenes as an editor or location scout. Some Christians even find success writing screenplays from their own faith’s perspective, such as the Left Behind film series.

While it might seem like Hollywood is one big cesspool of sin and corruption, there are plenty of opportunities for you to earn an honest living without compromising your values at all. If you do decide against working in Hollywood, however, don’t let anyone tell you that God didn’t give you enough talent—there are plenty of jobs out there where He will be pleased with what you’ve accomplished!

A few examples?

There are many jobs that don’t compromise Christian values in Hollywood. Here are just a few:

  • film production assistants
  • camera operators
  • sound technicians

Sound technician

If you are a Christian who is interested in working in Hollywood, it’s important to know that sound is a critical part of any film, TV show or recording. The sound engineer’s job is to help the director achieve the sound they want.

There are many ways to achieve the right sound. If your project is set in ancient times, you might consider using old-fashioned instruments like bagpipes and flutes instead of modern ones such as violins and pianos. Alternatively, you could use an orchestra instead of synthesizers if this fits your story better (or vice versa).

A good plan is always essential when working with a team on a project like this because there will be many people involved who need to come together at different stages during production so everyone stays on schedule and knows what needs doing next; however if someone has been hired just for one particular task then making sure that person knows exactly what role he/she has been given before starting work would also be very useful!

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Stage manager

Stage managers are the backbone of the theater world, but it’s not always easy to work in a moral environment. You need to be able to make quick decisions under pressure, handle multiple tasks at once and have no problem being around people who aren’t your favorite. If you can do all that and more, then becoming a stage manager might be right for you!

Stage managers are responsible for making sure that everything goes according to plan during rehearsals and performances. They handle scheduling conflicts between actors’ schedules; determine which props should be used for each scene; communicate with directors about their vision for opening night; keep track of which scenes have been rehearsed so far; coordinate costume changes during shows; make sure everyone knows what their roles are supposed to be doing before entering onto stage (or behind-the-scenes); manage budgets so that money isn’t wasted on unnecessary purchases like costumes or props; take care of any complaints from cast/crew members about other aspects of production as needed…and more!

Publicist or agent

How to find the most appropriate publicist for your project?

  • Use the Internet! Type “top 10 family-friendly publicists” into Google and see what comes up. If you can’t find any results, then try it without the word ‘family’ in there and see if that helps.
  • Good old fashioned human research: ask people who are successful in their fields what they think would be good choices based on your needs and budget constraints. Maybe they’ll even introduce you personally!

Film editor

What is a film editor?

A film editor is responsible for making sure that the visual elements of a movie fit together in their proper order to tell the story. Their job is to stitch together scenes, shots and pieces of footage into a smooth running narrative. They must understand what the director’s vision is and help bring it to life on screen. If you’re an aspiring Christian film editor looking for employment in Hollywood, here are some things you need to know about this profession:

  • You must have good communication skills with people from all different backgrounds because your job involves working closely with directors and actors as well as many other crew members throughout production.
  • To be successful at your job as an editor, it’s important that you are organized and able to multitask effectively under pressure (some projects may be very short deadlines). It also helps if you enjoy problem solving since every day presents new challenges related both directly or indirectly (through changes) by something which happened previously during production process.)

Props person

A props person is responsible for finding, tracking down and making sure that all the props are available when needed. They may also be in charge of looking after the props during filming and returning them to their original location afterwards. The job requires good organization skills, as well as a knowledge of different types of materials like wood or metal.

Costume designer

A costume designer is responsible for the clothes worn by actors in a film. The job involves selecting appropriate clothes for characters and making sure that the actors are comfortable and practical for long periods of time.

Set decorator or designer

Set decorators and set designers are the artists who create the visual look of a movie or TV show. They work together to create a cohesive look that matches the script, director’s vision and budget. Set decorators have to have a good sense of color, space, style and texture. Designers have to know how to draw and make models or sketches of sets that fit into their vision for what should be seen on screen.

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Production assistant or personal assistant to the stars

The first step to becoming a Hollywood star is to get experience. There are two ways you can do this: either as an intern or production assistant at the studio, or by working for a personal assistant of a celebrity. This can be difficult, but if you’re persistent and don’t stop trying you will succeed eventually.

When applying for internships and jobs as an assistant remember that your resume is everything. Make sure it’s up-to-date and comprehensive, including all relevant experience from school projects to freelance work you’ve done on the side (if any). Also be sure that your references are reputable people who have known you for years. Your references should include professors from undergrad who taught classes related to whatever field of study they fall under as well as bosses from past jobs—but make sure they will speak highly of their former employee! If at all possible try not go overboard with asking everyone in town because then people might think “you’re desperate”. However if someone seems promising but isn’t necessarily someone who knows them very well yet then feel free ask friends/family members etcetera about them before deciding whether or not apply there too just so long as it doesn’t seem obvious like I’m trying too hard…

Script supervisor or continuity person (keeps the filming consistent with what was shot before)

A script supervisor or continuity person is the first person on set to read through the script and make sure that each scene will work as planned. They help by keeping track of everything that happens in each scene, including which actors are present and where they are standing. The continuity person might also check whether the location looks different than it did when a similar scene was shot earlier in production, or if any actor’s clothes have changed from previous takes.

There are plenty of jobs in Hollywood that won’t compromise your Christian values

There are plenty of jobs in Hollywood that won’t compromise your Christian values. If you’re concerned about working with actors, then consider one of these jobs:

  • A production manager, who keeps track of all the money and cares for the cast and crew
  • A property master, who finds props for filming
  • A production assistant, who gets paid to organize things (and make sure everyone’s fed)


We’re not saying that Christians need to avoid Hollywood, but there are some things we should consider before entering the industry. We have to understand what it is we’re getting into, and know that working in such a place may bring challenges which God doesn’t want us to face alone. Being around others who love Jesus has got our backs when times get tough, and if anything comes up for us at work (or beyond) which forsakes His commandments, then talking through these things with someone who believes as we do will help guide us back on track. Remember: God loves you and wants the best for all His children!

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