How Long Has Steve Harvey Been Married to Marjorie?

Steve Harvey, the funny guy on TV, has made a lot of people laugh and like him because of his humor and charm. But, besides the jokes, people are curious about his personal life, especially his marriages. Today, we’re going to explore one specific question: “How many years has Steve Harvey been married to Marjorie?” Let’s take a journey through Steve’s marriages, focusing on the one that’s lasted the longest – his marriage to Marjorie Elaine Harvey.

Steve Harvey’s Third Marriage

Let’s talk about how Steve Harvey and Marjorie Elaine Harvey’s sweet love story kicked off in 1990. It all started at a comedy club where Steve was doing his funny thing. Their first meeting was by chance, and the whole place echoed with laughter as Steve showed off his comedy skills. Little did they know, this laughter would be the beginning of a journey that would last for many, many years.

Fast forward to 2007 – a big year for them. That’s when they officially started their married life. In a world where famous couples often get a lot of attention, Steve and Marjorie’s relationship has stood strong, proving that love can last a really long time. What makes their marriage extra interesting is that it’s Steve’s third time tying the knot.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey, a really elegant lady, became Mrs. Harvey number three after Steve was married to Marcia Harvey and Mary Lee Harvey before. Each of those marriages taught Steve something about love, commitment, and making a relationship work. But it’s the strength of his marriage with Marjorie that we’re giving a special shoutout to.

As of the latest info we’ve got, Steve and Marjorie are still going strong, sharing their lives together. Their journey has become a beautiful mix of shared experiences, laughter, and always supporting each other. They’ve created a big family that goes beyond the usual, with seven kids and five grandkids. It’s a great example of how love can bring people together.

In a world where famous couples often end up in the news for not-so-great reasons, Steve and Marjorie’s love story is something different. It goes beyond the fancy side of Hollywood, showing us the real and genuine parts that make a marriage last.

Steve and Marjorie’s Relationship

To understand how long Steve Harvey has been married to Marjorie, let’s go back to the early ’90s. They first met at a comedy club, a regular place that turned out to be the starting point for their amazing love story. The laughs they shared on that stage reflected the happiness they found in each other, creating a foundation for a connection that could stand the test of time.

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The journey from that comedy club to their wedding in 2007 had its challenges. Life threw curveballs at them, but Steve and Marjorie stayed strong. You could see the power of their bond as they faced storms, celebrated victories, and embraced the ups and downs of life together.

What adds an extra touch to their story is the family they’ve built. It’s not your typical family – they brought together seven kids and five grandchildren. It’s more than just two individuals; it’s about weaving lives and creating legacies.

As parents, Steve and Marjorie played crucial roles in shaping their kids’ lives. The laughter from that comedy club? It echoes through family gatherings, creating a canvas of shared memories and traditions. Their commitment to family values built a home filled with love, understanding, and a strong sense of belonging.

Duration of Steve and Marjorie’s Marriage

Now, let’s tackle the main question: “How long have Steve Harvey and Marjorie been married?” As of the current year, 2024, Steve and Marjorie Harvey have been married for over 15 years, making it one of Steve’s longest-lasting unions. This isn’t just a number; it’s proof of their dedication, strength, and the love that keeps growing.

Their enduring marriage stands out in the world of celebrity relationships, where stability can be hard to find. It’s not just about the years; it’s about the quality of those years. Steve and Marjorie have faced life’s challenges together, building a foundation that remains solid.

Their long-lasting love story challenges the common belief that celebrity marriages don’t last. In an industry where relationships can be fleeting, Steve and Marjorie show that a meaningful, enduring marriage is not only possible but can thrive amidst the glitz and glamour.

As we look back on the 15-plus years of Steve and Marjorie’s marriage, it’s a call to celebrate lasting love. It’s a reminder that, regardless of fame and public attention, the key ingredients for a successful marriage are rooted in love, respect, and sharing life’s journey through its ups and downs.

Steve’s Previous Marriages

Before finding lasting love with Marjorie Elaine Harvey, Steve Harvey embarked on two significant journeys down the aisle, each contributing to the intricate tapestry of his romantic history.

Steve’s First Marriage with Marcia Harvey (1981-1994)

Steve Harvey’s first venture into marriage began in 1981 when he and Marcia Harvey said their vows. Over thirteen years, the couple faced the ups and downs of marriage, sharing moments of joy, overcoming challenges, and going through the daily ebb and flow of life together. However, as time passed, strains in their relationship became evident, leading to the decision to go their separate ways.

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In 1994, the chapter of Steve’s first marriage concluded, marking a significant moment in his personal journey. This period played a crucial role in shaping his understanding of love, commitment, and the intricacies of navigating the delicate balance of marriage.

Steve’s Second Marriage to Mary Lee Harvey (1996-2005)

After Steve Harvey’s first marriage ended, he found love again with Mary Lee Harvey. In 1996, full of happiness and excitement, they started a new chapter together. At first, it seemed like their love would last forever, a joyful celebration against the backdrop of Steve’s growing career as a stand-up comedian.

But, like any journey, unexpected challenges came up. The complications in their relationship, combined with the demands of Steve’s increasing fame, made things tough for the couple. These challenges grew, eventually leading to the end of their marriage in 2005.

During this time, the public didn’t know the exact reasons for their separation. There were hints of legal battles and attacks on Steve’s reputation in the media, making an already difficult time even more complicated. It was definitely a tough period for both of them, showing the difficulties that can come with being in the public eye.

Steve’s Resilience Despite the Odds

The rough waters of divorce not only brought personal challenges for Steve Harvey but also put him in the public spotlight. Media attacks on his reputation were met with Steve’s resilience as he faced the storm with grace. The time after his second divorce marked a turning point in Steve’s life.

Despite the difficulties, Steve Harvey emerged from the storm with a renewed sense of purpose. Lessons from both marriages became guiding lights, shaping his views on love, commitment, and the importance of facing life’s challenges. This period of self-reflection laid the foundation for future chapters, including his lasting connection with Marjorie Elaine Harvey.

The end of Steve’s second marriage was a crucial moment in his journey – a time of self-discovery, growth, and a reaffirmation of his values. Little did he know, this tough phase would lead to a lasting bond with Marjorie.

In 2007, Steve Harvey and Marjorie Elaine Harvey exchanged vows, creating a love story that withstands the test of time. The challenges from Steve’s past marriages became stepping stones toward a relationship built on resilience, understanding, and a shared commitment to a lifelong journey together.


The love story of Steve and Marjorie Harvey is a testament to the enduring power of love and commitment. Beginning with their serendipitous meeting in 1990, their journey has weathered the complexities of life, resulting in a marriage that has surpassed 15 years. Steve’s previous marriages to Marcia Harvey and Mary Lee Harvey played crucial roles in shaping his understanding of relationships, resilience, and personal growth.

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Despite the challenges faced, Steve Harvey’s enduring love with Marjorie stands out as a beacon of authenticity in the world of celebrity relationships. As they continue to navigate life together, their blended family and shared experiences exemplify the strength that comes from a commitment rooted in love and unwavering support.

It’s important to note that, as with many high-profile couples, rumors may circulate. However, the true strength of their relationship lies in their ability to address challenges privately and maintain a united front. While rumors may surface, the focus should remain on the couple’s demonstrated commitment to each other and the positive aspects of their journey together.

FAQs about How Long Has Steve Harvey Been Married to Marjorie?

1. How long have Steve Harvey and Marjorie been married?

As of today, February 1st, 2024, Steve Harvey and Marjorie have been married for 16 years and 7 months. They tied the knot on June 25th, 2007.

2. Has Steve Harvey been married before?

Yes, Steve Harvey has been married twice before marrying Marjorie. His first marriage was to Marcia Harvey from 1981 to 1994, and his second was to Mary Lee Harvey from 1996 to 2005.

3. Has Marjorie Harvey been married before?

Also yes, Marjorie Harvey was previously married before her union with Steve. Her first husband was Jim Townsend, with whom she shares three children.

4. How did Steve and Marjorie meet?

The couple met years before their marriage in 1996 when Steve was performing at a comedy club in Memphis, Tennessee. Interestingly, Steve jokingly stated his intention to marry Marjorie upon their first meeting!

5. Do Steve and Marjorie have any children together?

No, Steve and Marjorie don’t have any biological children together. However, they each have children from their previous marriages, creating a blended family of seven.

6. Where did Steve and Marjorie get married?

Their wedding ceremony took place in Memphis, Tennessee on June 25th, 2007.

7. How do Steve and Marjorie celebrate their anniversary?

The couple typically enjoys lavish anniversary celebrations, often traveling to beautiful destinations and sharing photos on social media. In 2023, they celebrated their 16th anniversary in Lake Como, Italy.

8. Have there been any rumors about their marriage?

Unfortunately, yes. In September 2023, rumors of infidelity surfaced online, which Steve addressed head-on during his morning radio show.

9. Do Steve and Marjorie seem happy together?

Based on public appearances and social media posts, Steve and Marjorie appear to be happy and supportive of each other. They continue to enjoy a strong and lasting relationship.

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