Pentecostal Bible Colleges Online

If you’re looking for a Bible college that will help you to prepare for ministry, look no further than one of the 100+ Christian colleges and universities listed below. These schools are all accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) or another regional accrediting agency; they also offer online degrees in theology and religion. A degree from any of these top-notch educational institutions can be used to launch your career as a minister, missionary, chaplain, youth pastor or other area where you might use your knowledge of scripture and theology to spread God’s word.

If you are looking to attend a Pentecostal Bible college online, there are many options available. The following list will help you choose the best school for your needs:

The University of the Nations College of Bible and Missions

The University of the Nations is a non-profit organization that offers online degrees in theology, ministry and missions. They have a variety of degree programs available to students, including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

It has a large student body with over 1,000 active students from more than 50 countries around the world.

The University of the Nations is an accredited institution and has been recognized by the Ministry of Education in Indonesia. It is also a member of the Association for Biblical Higher Education and has regional accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Oral Roberts University

Founded in 1963, Oral Roberts University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. It offers a variety of degrees and certificates online, including an online bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry and theology. The average class size at Oral Roberts University is 19 students and the student population consists of about 2,500 students.

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The university is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Students can pursue an online bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry and theology from Oral Roberts University’s main campus or one of its satellite campuses. The program includes courses that cover topics such as biblical studies, pastoral leadership and counseling.

World Harvest Bible College

World Harvest Bible College is located in Springfield, Missouri. It was founded in 1976 and offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Bible and Ministry and Associate of Arts degrees in Christian Ministries. In addition to its academic programs, WBBC has several extracurricular groups on campus including sports teams, choir/worship team, band, student leadership team and a theatre group.

World Harvest also offers Master’s Degrees for both pastors and non-pastors who want to further their education with an emphasis on biblical studies or ministry training.

WBBC is a conservative Christian college that requires its students to sign a statement of faith and live by biblical teachings. The school’s mission is to provide students with “an academically rigorous education in Bible, ministry and leadership through a Christ-centered approach.”

The Clergy Center

The Clergy Center offers a Bachelor of Theology degree, a Master of Divinity degree, and a Doctor of Ministry degree. All three degrees are accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

The Bachelor’s program requires 60 credit hours, including 42 core courses and 18 electives. Core classes include: Pentecostal Studies; New Testament Studies; Old Testament Studies; Church History; Homiletics and Preaching; Practical Ministry Skills; Counseling Psychology; and Pastoral Care & Counseling. Elective options include: Pastoral Care & Counseling II (6 credits); Spiritual Formation & Discipleship (6 credits); Church Administration (3 credits); Christian Leadership Development (3 credits); Small Group Leadership Development (3 credits).

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Aenon Bible College

Aenon Bible College is located in Edmond, Oklahoma, and offers a variety of programs for students. The school provides both residential and online options for learning. If you’re looking for a Christian education that will prepare you to be a leader in the church or if you want to continue your education after high school, Aenon can help.

Aenon Bible College specializes in leadership training and biblical studies. They offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in Biblical Studies and Business Administration as well as Associate Degrees in Biblical Studies or Business Administration. They also provide their students with access to online courses through National University so they can earn an Associates Degree from another university while still getting their bachelor’s degree from Aenon Bible College! This gives their students flexibility when choosing classes that fit their schedules best – whether it’s during the day at home or at night on campus after work! Students may also choose between full-time courses which last eight months (fall semester through spring semester) or part-time courses which last 16 months (fall semester through spring semester). There are several options depending on where your schedule fits best!

Southeastern University

Southeastern University is a Pentecostal Bible college located in Lakeland, Florida. The school has 3 campuses in Florida and 1 campus in Texas. Southeastern University offers degrees in Bible, Ministry, Christian Education and Graduate Studies.

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The main purpose of the college is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for effective ministry within their local church communities as well as abroad.

Southwestern Assembly of God University

SAGU is a Pentecostal university located in Waxahachie, Texas. The school offers degrees in Christian ministry and Bible studies, as well as academic offerings in other fields of study.

The school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), which means that it meets certain standards for higher education institutions.

There are many options for Pentecostal Bible Colleges Online.

There are many options for Pentecostal Bible Colleges Online. You can find a program that suits your needs, is affordable and accredited. Your search will be much easier if you know what to look for in an online school.

First of all, you want to choose a school with flexible admission requirements that do not require any academic prerequisites (such as SAT scores or GPA). Make sure they offer financial aid so that the cost of your education is manageable while still giving you access to all the courses needed for graduation. Also consider whether or not there are opportunities for internships or field work during the course of study at this college; this may help prepare students on how best apply knowledge learned in both theory and practice when entering into ministry roles after graduating from their respective degrees program at one of these biblical institutions online schools today!


We hope this list of online Bible colleges has been helpful. If there are others you think should be added, let us know in the comments below!

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