Top Free Christian Dating Apps and Programs

The growing popularity of online dating apps and programs is no more evident than that over 100 million people now use online dating sites in the US alone. That’s over 1 out of every four people beyond a national epidemic. The heartbreak and pain we see today are directly tied to the prevalence of online dating (and non-Christian single adult ministries).

Almost everyone is on social media nowadays and most people use Tinder. Social media has transformed dating into an online experience. As a result, Christian Matchmaking has become an important segment of the Christian singles industry.

Being a Christian singles, I recommend these 3 best free Christian dating sites and apps.


Zoosk: Christian Dating Apps and Programs
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In the Christian dating app market, Zoosk’s prominence has allowed it to cater mostly to a younger demographic.

To help you find a life partner who shares your interests and values, it employs a behavioral matchmaking technology. It may be downloaded for nothing on iOS and Android gadgets.

Despite the fact that modern daters are notoriously fussy, Zoosk’s massive user base should set your mind at ease. More than 40 million unique users regularly interact with the platform. Among these countless individuals, you’re sure to find the one you’ve been looking for.

Thrilling extras to anticipate

  • Those interested in international dating can access it in more than 80 countries.
  • Easily communicate with foreign singles thanks to the 25 language translation options.
  • Zoosk has an excellent help desk, so you won’t be left to figure things out on your own.
  • If you want to find someone who shares your values and interests, you can use the filters provided to narrow down your options.

If you’re a young Christian man or woman looking for love in a welcoming and progressive environment, Zoosk is a great place to start.


Eharmony Review
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Christian psychologist, theologian, and seminary professor Neil Clark Warren established eHarmony. It’s as easy as making a profile, and then you’ll receive email suggestions of potential matches who might be worth contacting.

eHarmony is a highly regarded dating platform that has won numerous accolades for providing a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds to meet their soul mates online. It’s easy to fantasize about meeting your soul mate among the site’s millions of happy couples.

Thrilling extras to anticipate

  • The majority of users actively participate on a consistent basis, indicating a high engagement rate.
  • Matches users based on a combination of dating behavior analysis and scientific study.
  • Provides a numerical score based on how well your compatibility traits match up with those of potential partners.
  • Allows users to make more personal connections through video chatting.
  • features a diverse pool of singles from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and cultures.

If you’re a Christian looking for a faith-based dating service but are also open to meeting someone who may be outside of your typical dating pool, eHarmony is a fantastic option.

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Elite Singles

Elites Singles Review
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The goal of finding someone on Elite Singles who shares your beliefs is given greater priority. It is a comprehensive program that takes into consideration personality traits when looking for a potential companion.

You might not have as many potential matches as you would on other dating services, but you can rest assured that everyone you do meet will be someone you have something in common with. One more advantageous feature is that users can join up for a free Christian dating app through the website.

The clever matchmaking system that Elite Singles utilizes is what sets the platform distinct from other online dating sites. It will help you narrow down your choices to the ones that are best for you based on the Christian values and other interests you share.

Enjoyable rewards

  • Single Christians are mature, educated, and well-established.
  • Free signup.
  • The program selects 3 to 7 matches per day so you’re not overloaded.
  • Experts provide you suggestions on creating the ideal profile.


Christian men and women who are looking for a perfect match who has more in common with them than their shared religious values will find Elite Singles to be an excellent resource.

Top Christian Apps

With many Christian apps available, finding the best ones can take time and effort. I’ve put together this list of the best Christian apps, including Christian books, daily devotions, Bible study tools, and Christian music.

Read Scripture

Read Scripture is an excellent program that was developed by the team at The Bible Project, and it allows users to read the Bible in its entirety. You may watch videos that provide an introduction to each new book as you proceed through the reading experience on this app, which keeps the clutter to a minimum and is designed to be easy to use. Anyone who is just starting out as a reader or who would like a refresher before beginning each book will benefit greatly from seeing these videos.


YouVersion is without a doubt the greatest feature-packed Bible app available. It comes with a plethora of reading plans and videos covering a wide range of subjects.

You have the ability to tailor the app to your own requirements, as well as have access to cross-references, footnotes, and even see the words of Jesus highlighted in red.

Therefore, rather than aimlessly browsing around social networking sites, why not opt to spend that time with God instead? Are you currently standing in line at the supermarket? Commute to work via the public transit system? Spending time with Him will transform your time spent doing nothing into time well spent.


The best app for studying the Bible is called Logos. You will be required to pay in order to access the full version of the software; however, the good news is that the free version includes over 90 resources that will assist you in developing a deeper understanding of scripture.


The iDisciple app is a great tool for sending messages, reading devotions, listening to music, watching movies, and more. People who enjoy scrolling through social media platforms like Facebook and engaging with the videos or articles that appear in their feed may find iDisciple to be a very beneficial app. You can do the following using iDisciple:

  • Do your devotional reading.
  • Keep an eye on messages.
  • Christian music should be listened to.
  • Watch some videos made by Christians.
  • Keep up with your Bible reading schedule.
  • Look for content produced by some of your favorite authors and lecturers.
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If you download the app on more than one device, such as your phone, computer, and tablet, the content you add to the app will be synchronized across all of those devices.


Downloading the ChristianAudio app is a must if you’re a fan of listening to Christian audiobooks on your phone. ChristianAudio is essentially the equivalent of Audible in terms of the content it offers, featuring an extensive library in addition to a slick and attractive design. If you enjoy listening to audiobooks, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to download this app because they give away a free audiobook every month.

Prayer Notebook

The application called “ Prayer Notebook might assist you in keeping track of the prayers you say on a daily basis. You are able to create reminders for every prayer, and you are also able to synchronize Prayer Notebook with your social media and email accounts, which will allow you to easily send a message to your friend or family once you have completed praying for them.


PrayerMate is another tool that might help you keep track of your prayers. PrayerMate is the perfect solution if you’ve ever promised someone you’d pray for them but then forgotten. After you’ve entered your petitions, daily index card-style reminders can be set to keep you on track. There is a prayer gallery and alarm clock included in this app.

Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread is a well-known brand of those little pamphlets we have at the connection center. Our Daily Bread is a devotional app that, like the printed version, provides daily devotional thoughts and a scripture reading for reflection, but they are accessible from your phone and in a variety of languages.

Daily Devotion

You could also check out Daily Devotion, another devotional app. This app is useful if you want to incorporate a devotional into your morning routine right after you get out of bed.

Bible Memory

Bible Memory is a great software for helping you learn important Bible verses and passages. This program is helpful for those who want to memorize large chunks of scripture rather than just individual verses. The app’s simple interface belies its powerful memory technique, which involves gradually eliminating words from the verses you’re remembering until you can type them completely from memory. The King James Edition is used in the free version of the program, but users can pay to upgrade to access practically any other popular translation, or to purchase verse-by-verse translations.

Bible Lens

Using Bible Lens, you can easily associate your photos with meaningful passages from the Bible and then send the finished product to friends and family. Bible Lens will suggest a verse from the Bible that corresponds to the picture you take. Up to eight recommendations are provided, and you have the option of selecting from a broad variety of styles, adjusting the photo’s hue and saturation, cropping, saving, and sharing the final product. Experiment with Bible Lens and see what you can create.

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Pure Flix

Pure Flix is an excellent choice for individuals who want to watch movies online with their kids. If you’re concerned about seeing adult content while watching family-friendly or Christian films, this streaming service is a great option.


There are other dating apps to choose from, and Crosspaths is one of them. To begin, you’ll take a little survey that asks you about your spiritual beliefs and the characteristics of the person you hope to find. Based on your profile, the app will pair you up with potential partners who might be a good fit..


 There is a wide variety of Christian podcasts available on Overcast, so you can stay abreast of the latest happenings in the Christian world and hear from some of your favorite pastors. Exactly how much time do you spend listening to podcasts? Overcast is a great software to use if you’ve never listened to podcastsbefore..

Not Just Words

If you know a few keywords, the app Not Just Words can help you locate that elusive poem. Do you find it difficult to locate a specific passage in the Bible? This app could be of great help.

She Reads Truth

Do you want to study God’s Word with a group of other Christian women? The She Reads Truth app might be just what you’re looking for. In addition to helpful reading tools like bookmarks and a journal, this app gives women a place to connect with each other and spur one another on in their walk with the Lord by posting and commenting on inspirational content.


Use Echo if you’d want a program that records your supplications. You can add as many prayers as you like. In addition to categorizing your petitions, you can also check off the ones that have been answered. Make use of it as a prompt to give thanks to God for hearing and answering your prayers.

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle, the leading Christian dating service, also offers a mobile app for Christians to connect with one another. If there is a large user base, you are more likely to find someone with whom you have something in common. Looking for love? Christian Mingle could be the next app you download.

Got Questions?

Got Questions? is the app for you if you’ve ever wondered what answers you might find to your questions about God, faith, and the Christian life. Does God exist? How do we know this to be true? Do we serve any function? This app can help you find solutions to your most pressing problems. It’s possible that people who are struggling with their faith or who are brand new to the Christian society and lifestyle may find this software extremely helpful.

In conclusion, while there are a number of good Christian dating apps and programs out there, we suggest sticking with the ones that don’t ask you to pay for premium features (unless you want them and are willing to pay for them). If a service is going to charge you, they should at least offer top quality matching algorithms and graphics. Purity is a very important virtue, but we also think it’s important to have options when it comes to finding a date.

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