Christian Bedtime Stories for Adults

Bedtime stories are a tradition for many families, but often the stories are geared towards children. As an adult, have you ever wanted to read a bedtime story that was written for adults? If so, then this article is for you!

This article contains a list of some of the best Christian bedtime stories for adults. You can read them before bed to help you fall asleep, or you could even share one with your partner or children.

Bedtime story 1: The King

Bedtime story 1

A long time ago, there was a king who ruled over the land. He had many subjects and they all loved him very much. But one day the king grew ill, and even though he was surrounded by his loyal subjects asking how they could help him feel better, his health continued to decline until he finally passed away. When this happened, everyone thought that it must have been their fault for not taking care of their beloved ruler well enough – but then something incredible happened! They discovered that every night at midnight he would rise up from his grave where he rested peacefully inside his kingdom’s capital city. He would walk around town unseen by any human eyes until morning when daybreak brought back death into their world once again (this is why we say “the dead don’t sleep”). No one knew why this was happening or how – but everyone agreed it was an amazing gift from our loving creator above!

Bedtime story 2: The Prodigal Son

The parable of the prodigal son is found in Luke 15:11-32. The story is about a father and his two sons. One day, the younger son asks for his inheritance and leaves home. He spends all of it on wild living, until he has spent all his money and finds himself with no food or clothes to wear. Eventually he comes to his senses and decides to return home—but when he does so, he expects his father will accept him back with open arms because he recognizes that it was wrong to leave before making sure everything was okay between them first!

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Instead of being welcomed back into their home as expected, however…

he finds his father has already prepared a feast for him. His older brother is upset because he expected to be accepted back with open arms; instead, he is left out of the party and watches as everyone celebrates.

Bedtime story 3: The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

Once upon a time, there was an ugly duckling who had been rejected by his family. In their eyes, he was too ugly to be loved or even accepted by another animal. However, the young swan that lived near him felt differently and took pity on the sad little duckling. She helped him learn to accept himself for who he was and grow into a beautiful swan.

The ugly duckling was grateful to his new friend for helping him find happiness. He knew that he would never be able to repay her for what she had done for him, so instead of trying, he decided to help other animals who were struggling with their own problems.

The ugly duckling decided to become a counsellor. He wanted to help others find their inner beauty, just as his friend had helped him.

One day, a little girl came to him for help. She was crying because her friends thought she was ugly and made fun of her all the time. The duckling listened carefully to what she had to say before suggesting that they go into the forest so he could show her how beautiful it really was. He took his new friend by the hand and walked through many trees until they came upon a small pond filled with lily pads.

The little girl was amazed by how beautiful everything looked. She had never seen anything so beautiful in her life and couldn’t stop smiling. The ugly duckling smiled back at her and told her that she was just as beautiful as the forest around them. He told her that no matter what anyone said, she should always remember how special she was.

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The little girl agreed and thanked the ugly duckling for helping her. He smiled and told her that she was welcome before watching her run off back home. As soon as she was out of sight, he turned around and went back into the forest. There he found a large pond with many beautiful lily pads floating on top of it.

He thought about how special the little girl was and couldn’t help but feel happy for her. He knew that if she never went into the forest, she would never have seen all of this beauty.

He wondered if she would ever thank him for showing her something so special. He knew that she would probably never remember meeting him, but it didn’t matter because he felt as though he had made a new friend.

The ugly duckling was happy and content with his life. He had made many friends in the forest and spent most of his time helping them out whenever they needed it. One day, he heard a loud noise coming from outside of the forest. It sounded like someone was yelling at someone else, but he couldn’t make out what they were saying because they were too far away.

Bedtime story 4: A Good Samaritan

In this story, the stranger is the good samaritan. He helps someone in need and takes them to an inn where they can recover from their wounds and rest. This is what we should all do for each other—help those who are hurting and in need of our help.

“When a traveler was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, he fell among robbers, who stripped him of his clothes, wounded him…” (Luke 10:30).

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The story begins with a traveler on his way to Jericho being robbed by bandits at some point along the road toward that city. They take all his belongings including his clothes—and leave him there half naked! He’s already been beaten up pretty bad too! But luckily for him…there’s yet another person nearby who happens to be traveling as well; otherwise he’d probably die alone out here in the middle of nowhere after being robbed by these thieves.”But a Levite came upon him…” (Luke 10:31).

The story continues with the traveler being found by a Levite, who is just another type of religious leader at that time. He’s probably going to Jericho for some sort of religious event like Passover or something.

“And when the Levite saw him, he felt compassion for him and went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring oil and wine on them” (Luke 10:33). The next thing we read about this Levite is that he felt sorry for the traveler being robbed by those bandits. He’s likely seen this kind of thing happen before—and it’s probably not an uncommon occurrence in his day. So now that he sees this traveler lying there half naked with all kinds of cuts, bruises and wounds on his body…he does something about it!

What does this tell us? Jesus is saying that we should be like this Levite.

Bedtime stories can be a way to relax and reflect on Scripture.

  • Bedtime stories can help you relax, and reflect on Scripture.
  • Find bedtime stories online.

Final Thought

I hope you enjoyed the bedtime stories. If you haven’t already, I recommend reading through them again and then making notes on which ones are your favorites. You can also try adding some of these stories into your daily routine by reading them aloud before going to bed each night or during other times of day when you feel like doing so. The more familiar we become with Scripture’s truths, the more it will influence our lives!

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