How Should A Christian Woman Dress

How Should A Christian Woman Dress


While the Bible does not come out and say, “Thou shalt wear a modest skirt that comes to at least the knee and goes no higher than the ankle,” it is clear that modesty is important.

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What Does the Bible Say About Modesty

The Bible does not say anything specific about modesty. Modesty is a relative concept, dependent on the individual and their culture.

  • Be careful of taking verses out of context, because they can be interpreted differently depending on circumstances.
  • Focus on your heart and what you’re thinking about as opposed to what you’re wearing; don’t worry about others’ opinions or perceptions of your clothing choices!
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How Should A Christian Dress?

When it comes to the issue of modesty, there are two main camps: one that believes in extreme modesty and another that believes in moderation. Both have their merits, but neither one is perfect. The Bible does not specifically address this issue with a specific dress code or guidelines—it leaves it up to us to figure out how we should act.

The reason why I believe that Christians should dress modestly is because God wants us to honor him by how we look and act (1 Peter 3:3-4). Modesty isn’t about fashion or trends; it’s about what’s worn underneath the clothing. It also shows respect for others who may be watching you at all times (1 Corinthians 6:18).

Clothes That Reveal Too Much

If you are wearing clothes that are revealing, you may be causing men to lust after the flesh. If your clothing is immodest, it will make some people think about sex when they see you. Also, if there is too much skin showing and it draws attention to sexual parts of your body or makes a person look like they have more than one part (like a woman with big breasts), then it can cause someone else’s mind to go into the gutter.

The bible says in 1st Timothy 2:9-10 “I also want women leaders in every church. Let them be worthy of respect so that no one will malign our teaching or say bad things about us.”

The reason that I say this is because women can control what they wear and how they act around others at church as well as other places such as work etc., so why not use our influence wisely?

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Clothes That Are Too Tight or Too Sheer

That being said, there are certain types of clothing that are also not conducive to Christian living. For example, clothes that are too tight or too sheer can draw unwanted attention and make you appear unapproachable in the eyes of others. This is because clothes that fit you snugly will show off your figure and curves, which may send the wrong message to people who see you wearing those items. Similarly, when a piece of clothing is very sheer it will reveal more than what’s intended for public consumption—and this can cause one to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious when wearing such an outfit in public settings where everyone else is dressed more conservatively.

While these examples might seem obvious at first glance, they illustrate one way in which we should approach fashion choices: by asking ourselves whether our clothing choices conform with what God wants to see out of us before deciding on an ensemble for any given occasion!

Learn what the Bible says about modesty.

Modesty is a virtue that is lacking in today’s world. It is often misunderstood and confused with materialism, prudishness, or even immodesty. Modesty is not a matter of rules or conforming to the world. It’s about the heart—a matter of modesty comes from within you as you seek God and His will for your life.

Modest clothing reflects humility by covering areas where we should be covered (1 Timothy 2:9). This may mean wearing clothes that cover shoulders and upper arms but leave everything else exposed (as opposed to tight tops and short skirts), but it can also mean dressing modestly when going out on dates or at church functions where immodest clothing might be more common among other women attending the event with you.

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The bottom line is that we should not judge others unless they are breaking the law. We also should not judge any woman who doesn’t dress modestly by condemning her or gossiping about it. We can only praise God for giving us eyes to see what He wants us to see, and ears to hear Him when He speaks through Scripture about how we’re supposed live our lives as Christians. This includes dressing appropriately!

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